Map of Experts

This page is dedicated to providing Indigenous communities, students, and other archaeological professionals the contact information of individuals who have offered time, equipment, and aid for the location of unmarked graves using archaeology, geophysics, and remote sensing. Below, please explore the map to find experts in your area and contact them with your questions. If you do not see a professional in your area, reach out to one of the other listed contacts for help locating a team to assist you. This is a living list and will be updated over time. Currently those listed below are individuals who have self-identified as having the equipment and expertise to help with unmarked grave searches and appear on either the Canadian Archaeological Association Working Group for Unmarked Graves’ or Geophysics for Truth’s contact list. Other member organizations of an alliance to help Indigenous communities locate unmarked graves will be added in time. These include: the Canadian Permafrost Association, the Canadian Association for Biological Anthropology, the Canadian Historical Association, and the Indigenous Heritage Circle.

************** This list is not exhaustive, and we do not recommend companies or individuals to conduct work. ***************

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Last Updated: March 21, 2022