How We Work

Working Together ‘For The Public Good’

The University of Alberta is bringing together the exceptional assets of its academy under the Precision Health Signature Area (PHSA), whose contributions will aim to continuously improve our ability to support people in managing health and well-being across a lifetime.

The University of Alberta is uniquely positioned to lever the enabling factors present in Alberta, including:

  • Single health delivery system
  • Alberta Health Services’ Connect Care electronic health record system
  • Alberta’s Strategic Clinical Networks
  • A collaborative Precision Health Strategy for the province
  • Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute


The PHSA maximizes the chances for successful adoption of new products, processes, programs, and policies in health care. It is through active engagement of the University’s multidisciplinary academic community that the potential of the PHSA will be realized. PHSA improves connectivity from basic research through proof of concept and validation, facilitating partnerships and translating new knowledge back into education.

Building PH Capacity

The PHSA approach is to bring together willing partners to form interdisciplinary teams to support cyclical advances in research and education through the creation and expansion of existing research collaborations, core research facilities, Centres and Institutes, and UAlberta programs of study and specialization.

The ultimate goal is that, through activities of interdisciplinary teams, the PHSA will further research, innovation and educational activities across the innovation cycle, in the sectors of Digital Health, Precision Diagnostics, Precision Therapeutics and Public Health and Wellness, and on key success factors for social acceptance, privacy, organizational design, labour force transition, equity and policy.