Advances in science and practices in research funding are such that research is no longer a solo endeavor. To be successful now, and in the future, it is increasingly necessary for the academic community to come together to form teams, and in many cases interdisciplinary and large ones. And while this is not breaking news, the norm of forming teams based on existing networks may not open scientific exploration to the greatest levels of innovative thinking.

The Precision Health Signature Area (PHSA) has heard repeatedly that researchers on campus are not aware of activities and resources controlled by their academic colleagues who are situated in other faculties. As a first step overcoming this barrier to increased collaboration on campus the PHSA has created the following resources:

Precision Health Academic Directory

Looking for collaborators on a project, or connections to help you advance your findings to further your application?

View the Academic Directory

Precision Health Research Resources

The Research and Innovation Facilities and Centres list allows for identification of services and core facilities on campus that support precision health research.