Researchers and Supervisors


Our faculty members are tackling some of the most complex health issues facing communities, from promoting healthy eating and activity in schools and communities, to understanding how our physical and social environments affect us, to how health services can impact populations around the world-and our students are helping them do it.

As a School of Public Health MACE, MSc or PhD student, you are able to contribute directly to research and to the body of knowledge in your field of choice. Previous MSc students have completed thesis research on:

  • the role of motherhood in the success of participation in a substance abuse treatment program
  • how media coverage influences vaccinations
  • predictors of pain coping
  • environmental risk factors on the contamination of drinking water
  • the role of mental health on diabetes treatments
  • the association of leadership skills with childhood health

Past research by PhD students has investigated: 

  • the outcome/role of taxing sugar-sweetened beverages on reducing consumption
  • the effect of introducing comprehensive school health programs in elementary schools
  • the success of harm reduction interventions for illicit substance use
  • the factors surrounding adherence to antiretroviral therapy

MSc applicants are not required to select a supervisor prior to submitting an application. Successful MSc applicants who have not established a relationship with a supervisor prior to applying will be matched with one.

As a PhD applicant, it is highly recommended that you identify a supervisor for your research prior to completing your application. Regardless of your program, choosing a supervisor that fits with your specific area of interest is a crucial part of the process, as they will mentor you through your studies. Your supervisor will also help you to negotiate the funding landscape. To begin, read up on our faculty members. If your chosen faculty member is currently accepting students, contact them and introduce yourself and explain how your experience and research interests align.