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Donor-funded awards at the School of Public Health play a vital role in supporting a student on their path to greatness. Supporters who choose to endow an award are making a life-changing investment in the lives of our students and the field of public health.

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Allie Voisin
Communications and Marketing

Simone Doucette and Reagan Bartel

A little help to fulfill a dream

Reagan Bartel (MPH ‘19) is last year’s recipient of the Doucette-Preville Scholarship, endowed by Simone Doucette and Eric Preville.

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PJ Vasdev

Striving to improve health systems

The School of Public Health 10th Anniversary Graduate Award allowed PJ Vasdev (MPH '19) to concentrate his time and effort on things that matter to him and his community.

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Kue Young

Honouring family, helping students

Kue Young’s has honoured his sisters, Nancy Suen and Kitty Huang, by endowing an award for School of Public Health students in each of their names.

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McConnell Foundation

Supporting research and well-being as a priority

The McConnell Foundation supports a new wave of action that promotes sustainable impact to improve the well-being of Canadian students.

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"Give while the hand is warm."

Living out this motto is, in part, what inspired Doug and Jane Wilson to establish the School of Public Health 10th Anniversary Graduate Award.

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