Dean's Corner


Our School of Public Health is vibrant and at the forefront of public health education and research. We are central to the academic mission of the University of Alberta-our research is cutting edge and our education programs are leading the country.

To come here as a student is to be immersed in a welcoming and energetic environment dedicated to the pursuit and creation of knowledge that will improve the health of our broader community. We are creating international leaders in public health education, research, practice and policy. There is a strong foundation for building our future.

We were the first school of public health in Canada to be accredited by the US Council on Education for Public Health in 2012. As of July 2018, our rigorous adherence to the criteria and commitment to excellence has resulted in our accreditation for an additional seven years. This is cause for some reflection and celebration as this accreditation assures quality in public health education and training experience in practice, research and service through collaboration with organization and community partners.

It is a pivotal moment for public health in Canada and around the world, and we have a challenge and an obligation to both serve and lead. This will not be easy, as progress is threatened by many factors. Together faculty, students, staff and collaborators will harness the power and enthusiasm that drives our public health community. We will produce new knowledge, powerful ideas and practical solutions to major public health challenges. We will inform and influence individuals, health-care systems and government policies.

Together, we will position our School's collective work to address, understand and solve major public health challenges. With both depth and breadth of expertise in teaching, research and service, we are dedicated to improving the health of communities-here and worldwide.

I invite you to consider how you might become part of this journey. Let's see what we can accomplish together!

Shanthi Johnson, Professor and Dean
School of Public Health