School of Public Health Students' Association

The School of Public Health Students' Association (SPHSA) is a student run organization that serves as an academic and social support system for students. We serve as a liaison between students and administration of the School.

We are here to ensure that you have the best experience possible as a student.

What do we do?

The objectives of SPHSA are:

  • to provide guidance and advocate on behalf of all students, including campus and distance students, and all specialty areas within the School of Public Health graduate programs.
  • to provide opportunities for, and inform School of Public Health students of, intellectual, cultural, social and recreational activities.
  • to ensure that School of Public Health graduate students are represented in the School of Public Health, the Graduate Students Association and the broader University of Alberta committees.
  • to increase awareness of public health principles and practice, public health research, and graduate education in public health.
  • to engage in and encourage public health initiatives, both local and global, on campus and in the community.

There are many opportunities for you to shape your experience in the School through SPHSA, so don't hesitate to get involved.

Elected Positions (2020)



Harmanjot Kahlon

Daniel Yu
Vice President

Dee Dee Wong
Communications Officer

Sam Yang
Financial Officer

Danielle MacPherson
Social Coordinator

Carina De Micheli
Social Coordinator

McKenzie Tilstra
Internal Relations

Sari Valensky
External Relations

Directors at Large

Edwina Veerasigam
Epidemiology Director at Large

Daniel Thomas
Occupational and Environmental Health Director at Large

Mara Steiner
Health Policy and Management Director at Large

Avash Puri
Global Health Director at Large

Kayla Blackadar
Health Promotion Director at Large

Health Promotion Distance Director at Large

Vijata Sharma
Applied Biostatistics Director at Large

Gregory Farmer
Masters Director at Large

Marian Sanchez
PhD Director at Large