Scholarships, Awards and Assistance

Good news. There are many options to help you finance your studies with awards, scholarships and other forms of assistance.

Some of our students take advantage of teaching or research assistantships to offset the costs of education. Student loans are available from the Canadian and provincial governments based on financial need. The University of Alberta also has limited funding for financial need bursaries and emergency loans.

In addition to awards offered through the University of Alberta, several outside agencies-such as government and industry-offer graduate student awards. And, there are some scholarships available exclusively to students in our faculty.

Our students have been very successful in competing for and winning many impressive awards and we're proud of their track record.

To learn more about the various scholarships, awards and assistance that may be available to you, refer to the links on the left.

NOTE: Agencies that fund major awards have strict deadlines for submitting applications. In addition, the School of Public Health has an internal deadline and related process for reviewing applications before they are submitted to external agencies.

Here is a document outlining the Review Process for Scholarships / Studentships.