A leading centre in academic medical imaging committed to excellence in education, research, & clinical service.

To foster excellence in patient care through the development of research and innovative educational programs in medical imaging, and to cultivate a rich academic environment that will promote medical leadership and contributions to our community.

1. People
Our department values its people and their hard work and dedication, which enables our collective success.

2. Commitment to Innovation & Excellence
Our department advances our academic mission through personal creativity, curiosity, collaborative innovation, and the relentless pursuit of quality. We strive for excellence in our teaching, our research, and in any and all of the contributions we make to our department.

3. Collaboration
Our department fosters positive, collaborative relationships and interactions with staff, learners, and our colleagues, both internal and external to the department.

4. Accountability
Our department is answerable for its actions and responsibilities. It believes in reporting on results and activities.

5. Transparency
Our department believes that trust is built upon open, transparent dialogue and unfettered access to information, as permitted, and within the bounds of confidentiality and privacy rules, regulations, & legislation.

6. Learning
Our department believes in lifelong learning and in creating an environment that mentors and nurtures its people to reach their full potential.

7. Diversity and Inclusiveness

Our department values and encourages diverse ways of thinking and being, and we embrace differences in the knowledge that what makes us different also makes us stronger.

8. Sustainability
Our department is committed to the wise stewardship of all of our resources… economic, environmental, and social.

9. Engagement
Our team of people is passionate about their work, committed to the department's vision and goals, and motivated to go the extra mile for our patients, our learners, and each other.