Postgraduate Residency Programs


Message from the Program Director

Welcome to the University of Alberta Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program!  Our website provides detailed information about our program. We take pride in our program and our graduates, who for decades have gone on to successful radiology careers in Canada and internationally.

Program Goals:

The aim of the University of Alberta Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program is to teach residents the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to function as a safe, competent and independent consultant in the specialty of Diagnostic Radiology. 

Residents obtain the interpretive, reasoning, communication, and technical skills required of such a consultant. The importance of the team approach to the provision of imaging services is emphasized. Residents develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes relating to critical appraisal, research methodology, data presentation and analysis pertinent to Diagnostic Radiology. They learn to practice radiology ethically and consistent with the obligations and attitudes of a physician respectful and sensitive to culture, ethnicity and gender. 

Our program mandate is to support and foster radiology education, research, quality improvement and continuing professional development. We seek to engender the same sense of responsibility in our residents towards the specialty at large, ensuring a healthy, thriving discipline that is responsive to the needs of the public and our clinical colleagues. To that end, we are committed to providing our residents with the expertise and resources necessary to achieve these goals.  

Program Highlights:

Our program has a very supportive Academic Chair with an active, enthusiastic Residency Program Committee that includes diverse gender and ethnic representation.

The RPC includes four resident representatives as well as a staff Wellness Representative to ensure resident wellness is considered in all program initiatives.

A resident-driven Social Committee hosts multiple events including annual golf tournaments, welcome/farewell events, resident social events, and more.

A strong emphasis on resident leadership is an integral component of our program.

Formalized mentoring is embedded within our program for all residents at all stages of training.

Residents are provided fully funded on-line resources such as StatDx, RadPrimer, and IMAIOS e-anatomy. Funding for the American Institute for Radiologic Pathology (AIRP) course in Washington, D.C and one conference (major radiology meeting or review course) is provided for all residents. Resident research presentations at the provincial, national and international levels are currently funded by the Department.

The clinical faculty consists of approximately 90 radiologists at the teaching hospitals and is composed of both subspecialty radiologists in all of the major disciplines, as well as community radiologists.

A huge referral base, including northern Alberta and parts of British Columbia, ensures a large volume of adult and pediatric cases with diverse pathology. 

Residents are exposed to the full range of imaging modalities and techniques in all areas of medicine, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

Province-wide electronic healthcare record system allowing patient information, lab results, operative reports and diagnostic imaging to be accessed from sites across Alberta and with remote access (e.g., through a mobile device or at home).

Excellent faculty to resident teaching ratio of approximately 3 staff per 1 resident.  Nuclear Medicine, Pediatric Radiology and Diagnostic Radiology are integral parts of the same department.

No more than 8-9 fellows in any given year, providing residents with ample opportunity to avail themselves of interesting cases and participate in procedures.

Residents have ample opportunity to be involved in teaching of junior colleagues, off-service residents, and medical students.

Year-round academic half-day incorporating a two-year rotating block teaching curriculum, physics course and numerous other academic activities including CanMeds sessions, dedicated anatomy teaching with the Division of Anatomy and review sessions. Daily rounds are conducted by faculty. Journal Club and Visiting Professor Series take place year round.

Residents train at multiple tertiary and community hospitals. Community clinic rotations for senior residents providing an excellent ambulatory and transition to practice experience. Our program is flexible and can tailor training experiences to meet the future career goals of our residents.

In summary, our program is comprehensive, nimble, and designed to provide excellent diagnostic imaging training in a supportive, positive environment.

Dr. Craig Ferguson
Residency Program Director