The Radiology Endowed Fund


Terms of Reference

An Endowed Fund has been established for the purpose of developing and supporting research activity in the University of Alberta, Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging. Imaging sciences research is an essential component of the department's academic mandate and, in future, will play a pivotal role in the application of clinical research in many departments in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. The Endowed Fund will play a critical role in providing funding for the research mandate of the department and the development of imaging sciences at the University of Alberta.

Purpose of the Radiology Endowed Fund:

To apply the income from the fund to develop and support research activity in the broad field of sciences in radiology and diagnostic imaging in the Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging of the University of Alberta.

The Fund will support research activity in two principal ways:

Infrastructure support:

Funds will be used to provide the infrastructure support required to carry out research activities. This may include funding to support personnel such as a research assistant or research coordinator, and also for the purchase of minor equipment to support proof of concept studies. It is expected that this will be an important function of the fund in early years.

Pilot Project funding:

The fund will act as a critical means of support for the initiation of research activity through the provision of small grants for projects to be carried out by department faculty members and students. It is intended that the fund will concentrate on providing funding to support the early phases of research, in particular "proof of concept" studies. All research on human subjects supported by the fund shall have appropriate ethical oversight and review. Once the fund is established this will become the most important use of the endowment.

Although not the primary focus of the fund, income may be used to assist research development in other ways:

Dissemination of the results of research activities:

The fund may provide financial assistance for the presentation of the results of research projects at national and international meetings through funding for audiovisual, travel, accommodation and registration expenses for grantees when other funds are not available for this purpose.

Student stipends:

The fund may provide limited funding for stipends for research students in the department who have been unsuccessful in obtaining other financial support. This may apply to summer or temporary students or to graduate students.

Education in research:

Although funds will not generally be used to support education, income can be used to support an educational activity if that activity confers a specific benefit on departmental research performance.

Funds will only be available to members or students of the Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, University of Alberta. Funds will not be used to support salaries of faculty members or sabbaticals. Funds will not be used to purchase equipment required for clinical services. Funds will not be used for recruiting or entertainment purposes.