Toolkit for Success

The "Toolkit for Success" in the social sciences and humanities comprises ongoing opportunities for honing grant-writing skills and ensuring that your application meets the latest in expectations from SSHRC and the peer adjudicators who sit on the various competition committees. Research Relationships supports applicants to the open research competitions: the Connection, Insight Development, Insight, Partnership Development, Partnership Engage and Partnership Programs. Samples of previously successful grants are archived in the Successful Grants Library.

Learning opportunities available to continuing faculty members who are PIs on a grant application include facilitated grant-writing boot camps and retreats, topical information sessions and online resources including a resource bank of frequently accessed pages from SSHRC's website, workshop materials, videoed info-sessions, tip sheets, definitions, curated readings on grantsmanship and an archive of successful grants. These resources may be complemented with proposal-development peer mentorship by the Senior Advisors and Research Facilitators as well as time-saving support from our graduate research assistants. This is capped off with the potential for professional editing, internal peer review and research application-support funding.