Code of Conduct

Please respect this facility; help us maintain a clean, safe and secure place for all by following the SCSC code of conduct and respecting other patrons and staff.

Restricted Sports in our Facilities

DROP-IN PROGRAMMING: Pay before you play

Wristbands are required for drop-in programming; violators caught without a wristband will be asked to leave the facility immediately. Drop-in wristbands must be visible and on the person; wristbands that have been removed are no longer valid.

General Facility Rules & Requirements
  • Please pay your admission, or scan your pass at the customer service counter prior to entering any activity area. Children 11 years and younger require adult supervision at all times within the facility.
  • No private training, coaching or instructing during SCSC drop-in programming time.
  • Please respect the gym floor and keep the gymnasiums clean:
    1. Clean, dry, appropriate footwear is required in all activity spaces. Outdoor footwear is not permitted on any hardwood surface.
    2. No food or beverages (except bottled water) are permitted inside the gymnasium.
    3. Chewing gum, sunflower seeds, and spitting are strictly prohibited.
    4. Teams are responsible for removing any garbage or recycling from their bench.
  • Hanging on rims, nets, or backboards is not permitted.
  • No kicking or throwing objects against the walls, doors, and windows.
  • Team and individual warm-up activities are allowed only in the playing areas. Horseplay is not allowed in the hallways.
  • User groups are responsible for volleyball net height changes
  • Patrons may be held responsible for any damages resulting from disorderly conduct or misuse of equipment.
  • Please be respectful of other facility users. Swearing, inappropriate language or gestures, playing music, littering, and gambling is not permitted in the facility.
  • No tape of any kind is to be used on ANY floors or walls; this includes gyms, hallways, meeting rooms etc.
  • The SCSC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Please report all accidents/incidents to an SCSC staff member. The SCSC and its Partners are not responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur on-premises.
  • The SCSC reserves the right to revoke access to the facility at any time, for any reason.
Code of Conduct will be enforced at all times by the SCSC management and staff. SCSC reserves the right to change policies at any time.

Violators of the above rules may be required to leave the facility immediately. Repeat violators may be banned from all University of Alberta facilities. Violators will not be eligible for a refund.

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