Exterior of the Saville East Facility

About Saville Community Sports Centre

Saville Community Sports Centre provides programming and services to sports enthusiasts at all levels, from recreational athletes to Olympic champions.

Facility Features

  • 12 FIBA-size basketball courts
  • Fitness Centre
  • 25 volleyball courts
  • indoor track
  • Ortona Gymnastics Facility
  • Fitness studio
  • Competition gym with seating for 2800
  • Locker rentals; gold and general locker rooms
  • 30 badminton courts
  • Conference rooms
  • 8 indoor tennis courts
  • Kevin's Rocks 'n Racquets pro shop
  • 10 curling sheets
  • Balmoral Lounge — Fully licensed
  • Outdoor Tennis Centre (May-September)
  • Food and beverage services, and on-site catering

Additional Facility Information

The ownership and operations of GO Sports follows a unique model. The building’s maintenance, utility, security, and access are managed by the University of Alberta under the direction of an Operating Committee that consists of representatives from all four partners. The Operations Committee is responsible to a Venture Board. The Venture Board has as its mandate a clear set of principles that the building must operate under called the “Joint Venture Agreement”.

All four partners operating within the facility must work within the operating scope as defined by the Operations Committee. The net operating costs of the building are paid for by the first three partners noted above under a cost-sharing agreement. Each partner contributes a portion of their own not-for-profit/society revenues (as defined in the Venture Partnership Agreement) net of general revenues to cover the overall costs of operating the facility.

This concept, which works out to be the equivalent of each partner paying a fixed rent or lease, allows the partners to have a firm budget to work toward for the next years operations, and at the same time allows the partners the ability to increase the general revenues of the building to reduce their portion of the costs.

While the concept of shareholder ownership of assets is not a new model, the concept of a group of volunteer-driven, not-for-profit societies working together as a community establishment in a venture relationship with an internationally renowned university is indeed new and unique. Our partnership has garnered a great deal of attention from other community-based organizations and universities looking for better ways to integrate with their community.