Fitness Centre participants enjoying their daily workout

Saville Fitness Centre & Services

With facility spaces, equipment, fitness classes, and training services, the Saville Fitness Centre promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages the inclusion of physical activity in day-to-day life.

The Saville Fitness Centre and its staff are pleased to be able to offer the community a place to engage in an active lifestyle. Sir Isaac Newton said it best, “an object in motion stays in motion. An object at rest stays at rest.” We are firm believers in the notion that life exists in a constant state of motion- so come visit us and let’s do everything we can to help that along.

Whether you are new to the gym or a veteran of working out, The Saville Fitness Centre is ready to serve you. Equipped with a mixture of cardio and resistance training equipment we are prepared to help you achieve your goals and progress your wellness journey.

News & Facility Updates

Memberships + services


Enjoy access to the Fitness Centre with flexible membership options. Day passes are also available.

Training + Nutrition

The Saville Fitness Centre offers personal training and nutrition services. The Youth in Action program is offered at Saville. The completion of this program will allow all youth (12-15Y) access into the fitness centre without adult supervision.

Functional Electrical Stimulation Exercise Bike

The Functional Electrical Stimulation Exercise (FES) Bike is a unique piece of equipment for individuals who have paralyzed or muscle movement limitations (i.e. spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and more).

Fitness Centre Rules

Fitness Users

Youth aged 12-15 years (supervision) may access the fitness facility with adult supervision by Drop-in pass only. Supervision will mean that the adult is overseeing the youth's workout and providing effective monitoring. Appropriate footwear must be worn by the supervisor.

Youth aged 12-15 years (no supervision) must complete the "Youth In Action" Fitness Orientation program prior to utilizing the fitness centre. The orientation consists of a 1-hour introduction to the fitness centre equipment, the general rules, and guidelines of the facility, and general physical activity guidelines for youth. Upon completion of the session, the individual will be directed to visit customer service and set up a 1-month membership which is included in the cost of the Youth In Action program. A waiver for program attendance and facility usage will be signed upon purchase of the session. To sign up for the "Youth In Action" orientation program please contact our front desk staff at 780-492-1000.

Users 16+ are not required to attend the "Youth In Action" orientation program. For further instruction or information on how to use equipment in the fitness centre it is recommended that participants inquire about our personal training services. For more information please call our customer service representatives at 780-492-1000 or visit us in person.

Fitness Centre Users will be asked to comply and adhere to all Fitness Centre user guidelines. Misconduct or unruly behavior will not be tolerated.

Fitness Attendance

The Saville Fitness Centre is a safe and inclusive space; we will ensure all user needs are heard and respected at all times.

  • Please refrain from taking photos and videos in our fitness centres.
  • Please respect all members' personal space and needs within the fitness centre.
  • Users are requested to wear appropriate workout attire (t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, exercise pants).
  • No jeans or cutoffs are permitted.
  • Clean, dry, non-marking closed-toe shoes appropriate for exercise (jogging, court, aerobic) must be worn at all times. No outdoor shoes, sandals, or bare feet are permitted.
  • Please refrain from using perfumes/colognes and heavy scents.
  • Please store personal belongings in the designated locker rooms or storage spaces available at the fitness centre lobby.
Food & Drink
  • Consumption of food while using fitness centre equipment will not be permitted
  • Please use sealed beverage containers when utilizing fitness centre equipment, unsealed beverages will not be permitted.
Equipment Usage
  • Please spray and wipe equipment after use with cleaner and towels provided.
  • Please return plates, bars, and free weights to their proper storage place. Do not leave plates on bars when finished.
  • Equipment is first-come, first-serve. We encourage members to share equipment and only use what they need at the time to allow for all members to utilize the equipment they may need during their workout.


Participant Assumption of Risk

Participation in activities at the Saville Fitness Centre may involve the risk of personal injury.
The use of equipment, facilities, and premises of the Saville Community Sport Centre by patrons participating in the Saville Fitness Centre activities shall constitute acceptance of that risk regardless of the nature of the injury.

Failure to adhere to the facility policies may result in the termination of membership privileges.