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Stay on track with your personal health and fitness goals with one on one coaching. You can count on our consultants to help you achieve the results you are looking for!

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Register for all Fitness and Nutrition Services:

North Campus: 780-492-2231

Saville Community Sports Centre: 780-492-1000

Virtual Service Virtual Training and Nutrition Services:

Some of our services are also available in a virtual format. Please contact for any virtual service requests.

Things to know

What is the University staff and Graduate student personal benefits program?

If you are eligible as a University of Alberta staff member or graduate student, you can receive two hours of personal training and nutrition services. These services are part of your health benefits through Homewood Health. To find out more information call 1.800.663.1142

When do training and nutrition packages expire?

Most Individual and Semi-private Fitness training sessions expire 1 year after the purchase date. Special considerations may be made.

What if I can’t make my session?

To cancel your personal training session we require the courtesy of 24 hours notice so that we can ensure we are able to reschedule your session for your convenience.

I’ve paid my fees and I am ready to get started, what do I do now?

Please allow us up to 5 business days to get you set up with a Certified Personal Trainer. We want to ensure you are happy and will aim to match you with the most suitable trainer for your needs and goals.

Training Services

Virtual Service Individual Fitness Training

Focus on specific exercise techniques and customized program progression to help you achieve your fitness and health goals.

  • Sessions are based on the individual's goals and suitable for all exercise levels
  • A customized approach to assessment and exercise prescription for continuous results
Package Cost*
3 HOURS Student $135 
Staff/Member $162 
Public $183 
5 HOURS Student $225 
Staff/Member $270 
Public $305 
10 HOURS Student $400 
Staff/Member $480 
Public $540 
Semi-Private Fitness Training (2 people)

Two is better than one! Grab your workout buddy and save with semi-private fitness training.

  • Work towards your goals together with the help of a Certified Personal Trainer
  • Customized approach and focus on exercise technique, movement efficiency, and effective exercise performance 
Package Cost*
10 HOURS Student $260 
Staff/Member $310 
Public $340
20 HOURS Student $460 
Staff/Member $580 
Public $640
Semi-Private Fitness Training (3-5 People)

No crowd here in semi-private fitness training sessions. Come together and share the benefits of working with a Certified Personal Trainer while engaging in some fun and social physical activity.

  • Focus on exercise technique, movement efficiency, and effective exercise performance
  • Sessions customized to the needs of the group and modified for the individual 
Package Cost*
10 Hours Student $150
Staff/Member $180
Public $200
20 Hours Student $270
Staff/Member $330
Public $360
Virtual Service Complete Program Design

Our Certified Personal Trainer will build you a comprehensive and individualized fitness plan that will help support your individual fitness goals.

  • 1-hour consultation and assessment
  • 90-minute exercise technique and program delivery session

Student $157.50 / Staff & Member* $189 / Public $212

Get Started Fitness Assessment

Whether you are new to fitness training or just coming back from a long hiatus, this session is perfect for getting you back on track.

  • In this 90 minute session, a Certified Personal Trainer will help you identify your goals, take you through a basic fitness assessment, and get you orientated to our fitness centre.

Student $75 / Staff & Member* $90 / Public $100

Fitness Basics

Choose a beginner friendly workout program that will help you increase your knowledge about fitness and get orientated with the fitness centre. Choose to receive two workouts from the following options: Full body, core strength & stability, upper body, machines, free weights.

  • 1-hour consultation, goal setting session and fitness centre orientation
  • 1-hour follow-up session with guided exercise instruction
  • 2 workouts

Student $108 / Staff & Member* $120 / Public $134

Virtual Service Fitness Fundamentals (Available in virtual format only)

This is for any exerciser that is looking for structure and guidance for their current fitness regime. Choose between a pre-set 4-week or 8-week exercise program that has a specific theme to help you reach your fitness goal! Click on the below accordion lists for more information about the programs.

4 Week Program: Student $45 / Staff & Member* $60 / Public $75

8 Week Program: Student $75 / Staff & Member* $100 / Public $125

Youth in Action (Available at Saville Community Sports Centre)
This course is designed for youth ages 12-15 to go to the Saville Fitness Centre on their own, without any adult supervision.
  • 1-hour fitness centre orientation and knowledge about how to exercise properly
  • Includes a 1-month youth membership that is set up after the completion of the course. 
  • Youth will receive an exercise information booklet and certificate upon completion
Pricing: Public $42
Sport & Health Assessments

Find results with individualized assessment! Establish your fitness and health levels for day-to-day activity, performance, or physical capacity for occupational needs. The Sport and Health Assessment Centre (SHAC) provides fitness and health testing services to a variety of clientele and offers an array of advanced sport and health assessments for individuals and groups! 

For more information contact Alex Game (

Fitness Basics 4 Week Programs
  • Includes 2 full body workouts per week with gradual progressions for each exercise throughout the weeks
  • Exercises can be done at home or in the gym
  • Options:
    • Mobility for Strength Training:
      • Designed to be a workout that is part of a larger workout: short sequences that can be done at the beginning or end of a larger workout
      • Includes 4 progressive sequences that focus on 4 different areas of the body (i.e. shoulders & neck, spine, hips, knees and ankles)
    • Getting Started:
      • Workouts designed for beginners, or for those restarting a routine at the fitness centre
      • Includes a progressional strength program that can be completed in a fitness centre or with limited equipment at home.
    • Functional Strength Training:
      • Workouts focus on using exercises that work through multi planes of motion.
      • Program includes untraditional strength training methods using alternative equipment like kettlebells, TRX, Landmine, viper and sandbags.
Fitness Basics 8 Week Programs
  • Includes 3 workouts per week with gradual progressions for each exercise throughout the weeks
  • Exercises in the programs are more advanced and require gym equipment
  • Options:
    • Couch to 5km:
      • Each workout day has a short mobility sequence, 1 day of strength and conditioning, and 2 days of cardiovascular training
    • Functional Strength Training:
      • Workouts focus on using exercises that work through multi planes of motion.
      • Program includes untraditional strength training methods using alternative equipment like kettlebells, TRX, Landmine, viper and sandbags.

Nutrition Services

Virtual Service Get Started Meal Plan

Meet with our Registered Dietitian to customize a nutrition plan to help you meet your fitness & health goals.

  • Includes a 45 minute assessment & two 30 minute follow-ups
  • The Dietitian will provide nutrition and meal planning recommendations based on your individual needs and preferences

Student $162 / Staff $187 / Member $202 / Public $210 


Virtual Service Nutrition Follow-Up

After your first consult and meal planning session, keep yourself on track with regular check-ins.

  • Staying accountable will reinforce your new eating habits and allow you to fine-tune your plan to find lasting nutritional satisfaction
  • Follow-ups are 30 minutes in length and can be used to learn new skills and other helpful tips for a healthy diet and lifestyle
Package Cost*
3 Sessions Student $135
Staff/Member $162
Public $180
5 Sessions Student $200
Staff/Member $245
Public $270
Master your Lifestyle

A dietitian will help you create healthy and sustainable changes in your lifestyle and diet habits.

  • Start with a Body Composition (Underwater Weighing or BIA) scheduled with our coordinator and then continue with two follow up sessions with a dietitian which include  a 1-hour initial consult and 30 minute guided nutrition planning

Nutrition recommendations and menu planning based on an individual's dietary needs and preferences.

Student $257 / Staff $297 / Member $320 / Public $334 

*Student: U of A student currently enrolled in an academic program at the U of A and has paid the Athletic and Recreation Fee. Staff: U of A Staff (full-time, part-time, faculty, and support staff). Member: Applies to the following membership types Van Vliet Complex, Saville Community Sports Centre.