Facility & Activity Drop-in

Drop-In times are open to those with current Van Vliet Complex and Saville* recreational privileges.

Our usual drop-in operations may be adjusted to comply with COVID-19 safety measures. Please see below for more information.

Registered drop-in at our facilities is no longer be required.

Starting Monday, July 19, 2021, registered drop-in at our facilities will no longer be required. Thank you for taking the time to schedule your drop-in times online before visiting our facilities and for your patience and understanding during our re-opening procedures.

ATTENTION: Each participant must create their own registration account and schedule their own reservation for the time slot they choose. Please do not register the same person more than once under the same time slot as this will not complete the registration and will prevent your entry into the facility instead of guaranteeing a spot. 
How to cancel drop-in appointments

How to cancel drop-in appointments:

  1. Login to your activity registration account on www.activityreg.ualberta.ca
  2. Click on upcoming bookings.
  3. Here you should see a red CANCEL button beside your scheduled time slots.
  4. Click CANCEL and follow the prompts to complete your cancellation.