Looking for a new and exciting school field trip or a corporate team building day? Our ActiveU program includes 2 different streams. Our Youth stream are field trip-based experiences while our Adult stream focuses on Corporate Team Building experiences.

One of the most significant investments you can make for your workforce is team building. The objective is to promote trust, manage conflict, communicate, and create collaboration. All these create more motivated staff members and a better workplace environment. These team building experiences create help to support an environment where teams can form strong bonds and connections that benefit your business or organization. Consider requesting one of our Adult ActiveU corporate team building programs to supplement your office comradery!


CCR Corporate Team Building is a program designed for corporate teams that are looking for ways to have fun, improve communication and bond closer together. It’s a great way for groups to enjoy some recreational activity and get some exposure to the University of Alberta. Teams will have the opportunity to engage in some low and no impact activity. Sessions will be delivered by University of Alberta who are experienced in running recreational activities. 

Team building sessions do not include formal facilitation. Instead they are designed to be fun and informal with minimal instruction to allow for team communication and collaboration. People will have the chance to get to know each other better while playing fun games and learning new skills. 

Goal - To conduct effective team-building exercises in a relaxed, enjoyable setting that encourages people to get to know one another better. 

The CCR Corporate Team Building Program will provide teams with: 

  1. Activities that allow teams to spend time together, share an experience and work towards a common goal. We won’t force leadership lessons on participants. Instead, we’ll set the stage for them to work together and communicate in order to organically bring the team closer together. 
  2. Unique activities that are slightly out of people’s comfort zone that allow all team members to try something new together. This will encourage team members to come together in new ways. 
  3. Fully equipped facilities that are safe and ready for teams to play and have fun together. 
  4. Experienced facilitators and instructors that will guide team members through activities. 
  5. Adaptable activities for all levels of physical ability
Activity Offerings
Some examples of activities we offer include:

Gym / Field Activities:

  • Team Sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Dodgeball, Pickleball, KIN Ball
  • Adapted Physical Activity such as Goalball
  • Outdoor Games such as Soccer, Ultimate, etc.

Instructional Led Classes:

  • Fitness Classes such as Yoga, Zumba, Spin, etc.
  • Dance Classes such as KPop, Hip Hop, etc.
  • Martial Arts Classes such as Kickboxing, Taekwondo, etc.
  • Resistance Training
  • Plant Day
  • Paint Day
  • Arts & Crafts activities

Gaming Activities:

  • Board Games
  • Video Games

Facility Specialities:

  • Climbing (Van Vliet Centre only)
  • Curling (Saville Centre only)
  • Squash & Wallyball (Van Vliet Centre only)
  • Pickleball
  • Board Game Den (Van Vliet Centre only)
  • Digital Games Den (Van Vliet Centre only)

Activities may vary depending on facility, equipment, and staff availability. ActiveU is offered on North Campus in the Van Vliet Complex and on South Campus at Saville Community Sports Centre.

Price Packages

We offer Half Day or Full Day packages as part of our ActiveU programs:

Half Day

10AM - 12PM OR 12PM - 2PM

Full Day

9:30AM - 2:30PM


  • 2 hours of gym/field activities


  • 1 hour of gym/field activity
  • 1 hour of gaming activity


  • 2 hours of gym/field activity
  • 1 instructor led class
  • 1 hour lunch break (food not provided)


  • 1-1.5 hours of climbing
  • 1 instructor led class OR 1 hour gaming activity


  • 1.5 hours of climbing
  • 1 instructor led class
  • 1.5 hours of gaming OR gym/field activity
  • 1 hour lunch break (food not provided)


  • Fully customizable


  • Fully customizable


All price packages include:
  • Instructors
  • Facilities
  • Equipment
  • Staff (where applicable)
  • Logistics / organization

  • Group minimum for all Adult ActiveU programs is 8 participants.
  • Groups exceeding a total of 50 participants will receive a 15% discount on their invoice.
  • Groups exceeding a total of 100 participants will receive a 25% discount on their invoice.


  1. Requests - 1 month out
  2. Confirmation - 2 weeks before booking
  3. Payment - 1 week before booking
  4. Waivers / Forms Submission - 1 week before booking
  5. Arrival - 15 minutes before start of activity

Corporate Team Building requests should be submitted at least 1 month in advance to allow appropriate time for program coordination and invoicing.


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