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Intramural Sports Programs are an opportunity to play with friends - old and new - in an environment that celebrates teamwork, mutual respect, and - most of all - fun! Our mission is to improve student life through sport, plain and simple.

Student Teams & Non-Student Teams


Student Team registration is when the majority of participants on any given team consists of 51% or more players that are current (enrolled in current term) University of Alberta students who have paid their Athletics & Recreation fee as part of their tuition. Student Teams are eligible for a discount upon registration payment. A Student, as defined above, must make the team’s payment through our registration payment system in order for the team registration discount to appear.

Non-Student Team registration is when the majority of the participants on any given team consists of 51% or more players that are not current University of Alberta undergraduate students. Non-Student teams can be University of Alberta, staff, faculty, and alumni. Other post-secondary institution students (e.g. NAIT, MacEwan, Concordia, etc.) and general community members (no affiliation with the University of Alberta are also considered to be Non-Students.
Team Registration & Free Agent Registration


Team or Individual registration will be displayed as part of your registration process on our registration / payment website descriptions for each program offering.

Team Registration

Most of our Intramural Sports Programs require one person to register on behalf of their team by paying one total fee. It is up to the team to sort out the per participant fees owing back to the person who paid the one total fee.

Free Agent Registration

Individual registrations for each applicable league or special event should sign up under this category. Individual(s) who do not have enough players to compose a Team registration are encouraged to complete sign up as a Free Agent. Free Agents teams are supported and organized by our staff. Once you have paid your Free Agent registration, sit back and wait to be contacted by a staff member to tell you next steps. Please note that in some cases, not enough Free Agents may sign up to make a full team. If this happens, a full refund will be offered back to you due to insufficient numbers.

Step-By-Step Registration Instructions


In order to successfully register, you must complete the following steps in chronological order:

  1. Pay your registration fee -
    • you may pay your fees on this website
    • you may also pay in-person by visiting our North or South campus Customer Service desks
    • if you are having issues with your registration account, please call 780-492-2555
  2. Wait for an Email -
    • an Intramural Sports Program staff member will email you your Team Folder
    • please allow 3 business days for your confirmation
    • confirmation will come from a email address
    • confirmations will be sent to the email you have provided with your registration fee account
  3. Use your Team Folder -
    • your Team Folder is a shared Google folder that contains your Roster Sheet for your team information
    • the captain and/or assistant captain must fill out the Roster Sheet
    • all participants must be added to the Roster Sheet prior to their participation
    • all waivers must be uploaded to the same shared Team Folder
  4. Complete your Waivers -
    • embedded within the Roster Sheet will be a waiver link
    • it is the responsibility of the captain and/or assistant captain to send the link to their teammates
    • waivers must be uploaded into the same shared Team Folder
    • all participants must complete a waiver prior to their participation
  5. Complete your Quiz -
    • embedded within the Roster Sheet will be a quiz link
    • a minimum of 2 team representatives (usually the team leadership) from each team must successfully complete the quiz
    • representatives must receive a score of 80% (or higher)
    • representatives may take the quiz as many times as required to achieve a passing grade
    • 1 quiz completion = 1 point in your team standings and 2 quiz completions = 2 points in your team standings