We are located on campus and are thankful for the opportunity to access available space and resources at the U of A, including in-kind contributions. However, we do not receive any core funding from the university, and instead, rely almost entirely on donations from corporations, foundations, individuals and the public sector to develop and deliver our innovative programs.

Our Community of Catalysts

We believe our donors and volunteers are catalysts. Your contributions impact our ability to deliver programs and services in support of diversity in STEM, and helps girls, women, and non-binary individuals succeed in these fields.

WISEST allocates financial support from our donors so that students can participate in quality programs, including the following:

  • CHOICES Conference: more than 600 girls in Grade 6 can participate in this event every year. This program costs, on average, $100 per student.
  • SET Conference: about 225 high school students attend this conference yearly. To offset the cost of this conference we must raise $200 per student.
  • Summer Research Program: around 40 students in Grade 11 are provided with a 6-week paid internship in research every year. This internship costs $5000 per student.

The following suggestions are other ways you can get involved and become part of our community of catalysts:

Corporate Benefits to Supporting Diversity in STEM

Taking clear steps towards inclusion and equity in the workplace can go a long way in supporting diversity in perspective, responsibility and experience.

According to Deloitte, approximately 68% of companies interviewed include diversity and inclusion in their recruiting practices. The Deloitte report also noted increases in following strengths of companies who practice diversity in the workplace:

  • Collaboration between employees
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Innovative product designs
  • Return on investments and profits
  • Problem-identification and solution-seeking

Are you a diversity-conscious employer in a STEM-related industry? Are you looking for employee engagement opportunities or ways to fulfill your corporate social responsibility? We can help! Join a growing list of WISEST corporate partners.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our current program and event supporters!

Summer Research Program


SET Conference

Edna Dach NSERC PromoScience Award