MA Course-Based Program

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The course-based MA program in Sociology is an intensive year of study in core courses in theory, research design, research methods and statistics, followed by a Capping Project (SOC 900). Students are also required to complete mandatory Ethics Training and Professional Development.

A supervisor will oversee the student's work in SOC 900, which includes a critical appraisal of the literature and formulation of a research topic in a subject area of interest. During the winter term, and concurrent with a course in research design (SOC 533), the student's topic is developed into a research project which demonstrates the student's ability to work in a scholarly manner. The caping project also requires an oral examination.

The time required to complete an MA program will vary, however the course-based MA degree will typically be completed in 12 - 16 months.

Program Requirements

Students in the MA course-based program are required to take a minimum of 6 single-term courses at the 500 or 600-level, followed by *6 in SOC 900. Specific requirements include the following:

Required Courses:


SOC 533 Seminar in Research Design


One of:

SOC 531 Seminar in the History of Sociological Thought


SOC 535 Seminar in Contemporary Sociological Theory

One of:

SOC 509 Multivariable Sociological Analysis


SOC 515 Quantitative Methods in Social Research

One of:

SOC 518 Qualitative Methods in Social Research


SOC 519 Comparative & Historical Methods in Social Research


Two optional courses in Sociology, or another department with approval of the Sociology Graduate office.


Ethics Training - Students will attend the SOC 605 lecture on ethics and complete the online Graduate Student Ethics training course to meet this requirement.

SOC 900 Part I Research Proposal, Part II Project Completion (*3), usually take both Fall and Winter terms.


Total Program Credits: