Student Testimonials

Undergraduate Professional Practicum Placement

"The incredible staff create an environment that develops students into well-rounded, young professionals. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn and grow through my experience at The Steadward Centre. I have gained more than I could have ever anticipated. Not only did I learn about and gain skills in my field, but I discovered new ambitions for my future. I cannot thank everyone enough for the astounding and enriching experience!"

- Kirsten, Professional Practicum Placement, 2017

Graduate Student Internship

"The collaborative workplace culture at The Steadward Centre is truly wonderful. I had little experience with grant writing prior to this position, which made the task seem slightly daunting. However, Karen and her team were always available and excited to provide support and lend a hand where it was needed. In addition to gaining invaluable experience and numerous skills related to grant writing, I was given the opportunity to get involved with other initiatives, which I sincerely appreciated. At The Steadward Centre, I always felt like a valued team member and that my learning, growth, and professional development were a top priority!"

- Kassi, Graduate Student Intern, Grant Writer, 2016-2017