Becoming Para Ready

Becoming Para Ready

The Becoming Para Ready resource was developed as an introductory guide to provide coaches and club administrators with knowledge, confidence and tools to be more proactive – or “ready” – for integration, and to introduce the ways integration can be implemented.

“Para Ready” means clubs are prepared to support athletes experiencing disability in some way, by either providing programming or connecting to those that do. Para Ready clubs have proactively planned, prepared, and can be explicit about the ways they can and cannot support all athletes, rather than reacting when contacted by an athlete experiencing disability. The original resource was developed for the sport of athletics; however, the 10 P's checklist can be used for any sport club that wants to learn how to make programs more inclusive.

An updated version of BPR (BPR 2.0) has been developed to be more user friendly, to reach a broader audience and to be used across any sport. The three main categories (perspective, planning and programming) can be viewed as steps on your journey towards building an environment that is inclusive to athletes experiencing disability.

Becoming Para Ready 2.0 (PDF)

BPR 2.0 Introduction Sessions

These one-hour BPR 2.0 Introduction sessions are free to attend. New dates for Introduction Sessions will be available in the New Year. 

Interested in learning more about Becoming Para Ready, including workshop opportunities, or how to infuse the principles in your organization, please contact Geneva Coulter, Partnerships & Para Sport Development Coordinator at

For the original version of Becoming Para Ready, check out the resources below. 

10 Ps of a Para Ready Program (PDF) 10 Ps Checklist (PDF) Becoming Para Ready (PDF)