Young Adult Advisory Committee


We are inviting youth and young adults (ages 17-29) at TSC, and those interested in joining TSC, to participate in a Young Adult Advisory Committee to contribute their opinions, preferences, and experiences towards creating more programming options at TSC for young adults. 

The purpose of the Young Adult Advisory Committee will be to:

(a) Provide advice and guidance to The Steadward Centre in order to develop programming
specific to the young adult demographic,
(b) Promote TSC programs and opportunities through their personal networks, and

(c) Increase feelings of belonging, shared experiences, and connection for young adults at

The Young Adult Advisory Committee is new to The Steadward Centre! Our proposed participation outline is below, but we will respond to the availability and schedules of
the group of young adults participating.

Participation in the Committee may include:

● Members of the committee are between 17 and 29 years of age.
● We aim to meet 2-3 times per semester. For example, 2-3 times between September and
● We aim to hold committee meetings on the weekend mornings for approximately 1.5
● Attendance at every committee meeting would be great! But we will offer meetings on
“drop in” style attendance, so members may attend to the best of their availability.
● Meetings will be held at The Steadward Centre
● Meetings will include brainstorming and group work to provide guidance to TSC staff on
the creation of programs for young adults
● Meetings will also include time to get to know each other, meet new people, and enjoy
social time and snacks!

How will you benefit from membership on the Young Adult Advisory Committee?

While your current participation at The Steadward Centre will not be impacted by your decision to join, or not join the Committee, there are additional opportunities offered as a ‘thank you’ for your participation, time, and knowledge sharing!

These include:
● Food and socializing as part of each meeting!
● Exclusive access to the Fitness Centre and Free2BMe space for committee members
after meetings, for self-directed work outs, games, sports or hanging out!
● Priority registration in young adult programs at The Steadward Centre while you are an
active member of the committee

Information on Committee results:

While The Steadward Centre will do their best to follow the advice and guidance of the Young Adult Advisory Committee, not all suggestions made by the Committee will be possible due to limitations of budgets, staffing, or time. The Steadward Centre will hold decision-making responsibilities for programming.

Contact information

If you have questions about the Committee or are interested in joining,
please contact Carrie at