Directions to TSC


Directions to The Steadward Centre

We are located in the Van Vliet Complex on the lower level. The Van Vliet Complex is located southeast of the Stadium Car Park (on 89 Ave), and is directly across (south) from the Student’s Union Building and adjacent to the Clare Drake Arena.

Downloadable PDF with Directions

If taking DATS:

  • DATS drop-off is located at the west entrance of the Van Vliet Complex.
  • Upon entering the building, proceed straight ahead up the ramp, through the double doors and you are now in The Steadward Centre space. The fitness centre is on your right and activity spaces are on your left.

If you’re being dropped off by someone:

  • The west entrance can be accessed through the alleyway located directly to the west of Clare Drake Arena.
  • If you are heading west on 87 Ave, turn right onto 116 St.
  • Continue down 116 St then turn right onto 89 Ave.
  • Continue down 89 Ave then turn right down an alleyway.
  • Upon entering the alley, the TSC parking lot will be on your left (please note the two 10-minute drop-off stalls).
  • The Steadward Centre stalls are denoted by an accessible symbol. All TSC pass holders are to park in those stalls regardless of whether you have an accessible placard.
  • The entrance doors are located just to the left of the parking lot. Parking is also available at Stadium Car Park turning left on 89 Ave alleyway, located on 116 St and 89 Ave.
If taking Edmonton Transit System (ETS):

By Bus:
  • There is an east, side-door entrance of the Van Vliet Complex accessed by a drop-off parking lot (located west of the bus drop-off area).
  • It is located north on 114 St, west of the Education Car Park, and directly left before the “bus only” zone.
  • Upon entering the building there will be an elevator to your right (take to Level 1).
  • Leaving the elevator, proceed straight through the doors and directly straight ahead.
  • Health Sciences/Jubilee Station Edmonton Health Academy Clinic (ECHA) exit.
  • Follow the ramp to the ECHA southeast entrance.
  • Continue straight through ECHA until the very end and turn left.
  • Proceed past Starbucks and exit the building. Go right, heading north towards 87 Ave.
  • Cross at the set of lights in front of the Butterdome. Head slightly right and proceed up the ramp to the main set of doors (south) of the Van Vliet Complex (in between the Butterdome and PAW centre).
  • Continue straight through the building (straight through “Social Street”).
  • Take the set of double doors on the right, after the sitting area.
  • Proceed through the second set of doors and turn right.There will be a small elevator on the left. Take to Level 1.
  • Go through the double doors and proceed straight towards and through a blue archway. The gym will be on the left side of the hallway.