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Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities with TSC (PDF)

Volunteer Application Process

To volunteer with us, please follow the process applicable to you. We encourage volunteers to apply for the Spring/Summer 2023 Term by April 28, 2023 (Spring Opportunities) or June 15, 2023 (Summer Opportunities). When volunteering for specific summer camps, please try to apply at least 2 weeks ahead.


  1. Returning Volunteer Application
  2. Edmonton Police Information Check (If your last Police Information Check 36 months ago or longer).

Police Information Check Letter

For the Police Information Check, a letter from us can reduce the cost significantly.  If you require a letter, email tscvol@ualberta.ca with "Police Information Check Letter" in the subject line and state you would like a letter from us declaring you are applying to be a volunteer at The Steadward Centre.  We will create and email you the letter at our earliest convenience.

Why volunteer with The Steadward Centre?

  1. FUN! Volunteers at The Steadward Centre work closely with members in a fun and positive environment to support them in their physical activity goals.
  2. Skill acquisition. The Steadward Centre offers many unique opportunities. As a volunteer, you will work with adults, children, and youth living with impairment under the supervision of highly qualified staff. You will develop valuable skills in Adapted Physical Activity through hands-on experience.
  3. Work with a wide demographic. Our programs involve children as young as four years old, right through to older adults. Activities are supervised, but also age-appropriate, spontaneous, creative, and fun. You could be throwing rubber chickens one night and spotting a bench press the next.
  4. Work in a positive team environment. The Steadward Centre values ideas and collaboration. You get the opportunity to lead, model, and support participants in a fun team environment collaborating with staff, students, and other volunteers.
  5. Learn to be a leader. Volunteering with The Steadward Centre provides a challenging, positive environment where you will be mentored by highly qualified staff and learn from members of the disability community. Our hope is that by volunteering with us, you will become an advocate for inclusion and access to physical activity for all. Advanced volunteer positions may be available to returning volunteers.