Adult Fitness and Recreation

Our adult programs provide physical activity opportunities to adults experiencing disability. Our facility offers specialized equipment and trained staff to adapt programs to suit all abilities and levels of fitness.

We offer 3 levels of service to choose from to best support our participants' fitness goals:

(1) Independent Gym Access
(2) Group Exercise Programs
(3) One-on-One Training


Independent Gym Access

Participants can purchase a membership and gain access to our specialized fitness facility. Floor monitors offer limited support for those looking to workout independently.

Our fitness facility is open 8AM-5:30PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; and 10AM-4:30PM on Tuesday and Thursday. We offer a variety of different passes to fit your schedule including annual, term, or 10-time punch passes. We also offer subsidized rates for those receiving AISH or the Seniors Health Benefit. Please see our program brochure for prices.

Group Exercise Programs

We offer a wide variety of adapted group exercise classes.

Sit to be fit

A 60 minute seated, gentle aerobics style class. The class utilizes bodyweight exercises, light free weights and resistance bands and is perfect for beginners or for those getting back into exercise. The APA instructor will lead the group through strength training, cardio and range of motion exercises.

Circuit training

Take your workout to the next level. Rotate through a series of exercises to get a great full body workout. Participants are required to transition between stations and complete exercises independently.

APT Class (Active Passive Trainer)

This 60 minute class is an efficient workout that combines the benefits of our active passive trainers (motor-supported cycles) with led upper body cardio, resistance training and range of motion exercises.


This class introduces you to the basics of yoga. You will have a chance to try out different poses and movements throughout this class. The instructor will modify poses as required.


Join us for an hour of non-stop choreographed movement. This class will work on your cardiovascular conditioning, as well as balance and flexibility, all while dancing to fun music! The instructor will modify dance moves as needed throughout the class.

Intro to Adapted Fitness Class

This program is designed for those new to fitness or looking to refresh their fitness knowledge and skills. The class includes a fitness assessment, program design and skill development to work out safely and independently within a fitness facility.

Femme Fitness (program offerings may vary from term to term)

This women's only class includes a fitness assessment, an individual fitness program, and instruction on proper exercise technique in a safe, supportive, and fun atmosphere. There will also be opportunities to try new fitness activities each week. Come and meet some other like-minded women interested in fitness and making new connections.

One-on-One Training

We offer personal training led by an Adapted Physical Activity (APA) Consultant. Here you will receive individualized support and instruction to help you meet your fitness goals. You can also choose to work with an undergraduate kinesiology student at a discounted rate.

1:1 Training Sessions

Ten- 60 minute individualized personal training sessions with one of our APA Consultants. Consultants will guide you through a personalized fitness program each week based on your current level of fitness, abilities and physical activity goals. All new 1:1 participants require a fitness assessment.

PALS (Physical Activity Led by Students)

Work 1:1 with a trained student volunteer for a 60 minute session, over the course of a semester (10 weeks). Students work with staff to develop a personalized fitness program and lead participants through their workout each week. Students are supervised by APA consultants. All new PALS participants require a fitness assessment.

For more information about Adult Fitness and Recreation, please contact:
Scott Forrester
Phone: 780-492-8339