Strategic Vision, Mission & Goals

The Steadward Centre is an expert in Adapted Physical Activity and Parasport development, annually serving more than 1000 children and adults experiencing disability and training more than 250 students. As part of the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation, University of Alberta, the Centre's strong research and education focus allow it to deliver innovative programs and to share proven expertise with community fitness and sport leaders across Alberta. Click here to view the 2015-2016 annual report.

Mission-The work we do

Inspire individual achievement in Adapted Physical Activity and Parasport by conducting and applying innovative research, widely sharing expert knowledge and delivering highly successful programs for individuals experiencing disability.

Practical Vision-What we are working to create

The Steadward Centre is a hub for pioneering, high-caliber, research-based Adapted Physical Activity and Parasport development supported by:

  • Embedded Research and Training

  • Integrated Continuum of Physical Activity, Fitness and Sport Opportunities

  • Comprehensive Athlete Development Pathway

  • Strong Strategic Partnerships

  • Progressive Funding Framework

Our Principles-Values that inspire our work

  • Living with impairment is best understood by those with an impairment

  • Adapted Physical Activity and Parasport development should be accessible by all who choose to participate

  • Innovation is our expectation

  • Our decisions and approaches are informed by research, and our work informs our research

  • More can be accomplished in partnership than alone

  • Meaningful inclusion requires communities and individuals informed about the possibilities

Strategic Directions

  1. Become a hub for high-performance athlete and coach development

  2. Be the "Gold Standard" for Adapted Physical Activity across Alberta

  3. Broaden opportunities and access to Adapted Physical Activity with clear pathways to achieve personal physical activity and Para-sport goals

  4. Expand and fully integrate research, teaching and knowledge transfer across all programs, initiatives and services

  5. Become known by key internal and external audiences and stakeholders

  6. Institute a progressive and dynamic funding framework

Click here to view the 2015-2020 strategic plan.