Strategic Vision, Mission and Priorities


To facilitate Adapted Physical Activity and Para sport opportunities for everyone.


Foster community and individual achievement and excellence in Adapted Physical Activity and Para sport by applying innovative research, widely sharing our expertise and delivering quality programs with and for individuals experiencing disability.

Core Values

Embodied ways of knowing
We believe that living with an impairment is best understood by those living with an impairment. They are the experts.

We believe we are only as strong as our relationships—within our team, with our partners, and with our members.

We believe more can be accomplished in partnership than alone.

We believe that sharing our insights and perspective can provoke new ways of thinking, spark discussion and inspire action.

We believe that asking questions and learning from others allows us to constantly improve and grow.

Adapted Physical Activity and Para sport development should be available to all who choose to participate.

Key Priorities for 2021-2024
  1. Communicate TSC’s mandate, value and Adapted Physical Activity and Para sport program offerings to the community.
  2. Build TSC’s partnership framework and engagement strategy.
  3. Strengthen TSC’s financial position through increased multi-year funding.
  4. Develop a consistent TSC program evaluation framework to conduct ongoing research and impact assessment.
  5. Develop and deliver quality Adapted Physical Activity and Para sport programming for adults, youth and children experiencing disability that meet current needs and priorities.

Strategic Plan 2021 to 2024