Volunteer Training

Fitness 101 Training
An introductory, online module that will prepare you for working with participants in a fitness setting. The 1 hour module covers the following topics:

  • The Steadward Centre Overview

  • Volunteer Scope of Practice

  • Components of an Exercise Program & Assisted Stretching

  • Exercise Technique Checklist

  • Contraindications to Exercise

  • Motivation and Communication

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Training

To volunteer in the FES Assisted Exercise program, volunteers will be required to attend specific FES training.

Currently, volunteers engage in a 1-2 hour training with staff (outside of the general volunteer orientation) that relates specifically to the FES program. This session covers topics like:

  • FES description
  • The volunteer role in the FES program
  • What contraindications are pertinent to FES
  • How to complete FES participant set up
  • Participant program storage system and location

Centre for Autism workshops

The Centre for Autism Services Alberta is pleased to offer a full range of workshops. More information can be found here.