Education & Training

We provide training for a wide range of professionals--teachers, recreational providers, fitness professionals, physical activity leaders, coaches and students, who have the opportunity to teach or coach individuals living with impairment. We can tailor training to meet your specific needs.

Potential Topic Areas include:

  • General

    • Overview of Adapted Physical Activity principles

    • Adapted Physical Activity theory and philosophy

    • Principles of Universal Design

    • Over of adapted equipment and accessible fitness equipment recommendations

    • Built environment accessibility recommendations

    • AtlaStim training around FES

  • Inclusive Instruction

    • Strategies for activity and environment modifications

    • How to structure inclusive group exercise

    • How to structure one-on-one lesson plans in APA

    • Contraindications to exercise

    • Creating inclusive summer camps for children and youth

    • Adaptive assessments and exercise program design

  • Athlete Development & Parasport

    • Fitness appraisals and neuromuscular impairment

    • Physical conditioning principles

    • Para-swim athlete and coach development

  • Children & Youth/ MSD

    • Behavior strategies in an APA setting

    • Applying Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU) in an APA setting

Education and training services are available upon request. Please email to discuss and/or arrange.