Why Give to ISTAR

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The impact of your gift to ISTAR

When you give to the Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research (ISTAR) in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine you are transforming lives!

As a passionate ISTAR partner, you recognize the importance of providing the necessary support to help individuals speak with confidence and without fear.

Your generosity makes so much possible. You give our clients the best chances of success and ensure every voice matters!

Some areas where your generosity can have the greatest impact include...

ISTAR Client Assistance Program

A donation will support individuals facing financial challenges to receive the specialized and transformative care ISTAR provides.

Dr. Einer Boberg Memorial Endowment

This endowed fund was created in memory of ISTAR's founder, Dr. Einer Boberg. Your donation to this endowment ensures that ISTAR client treatment and research continue to be supported into the future. Annual disbursements are used for client care, stuttering research, and institute operations.

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ISTAR Client Support Fund

Your donation to this fund supports direct care and other institution costs related to providing exceptional client care.

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ISTAR Edmonton

Your generosity will help to support the ISTAR Edmonton office to provide innovative and transformative care.

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ISTAR Calgary

Your generosity will assist the ISTAR Calgary office in providing innovative and transformative treatment to our clients in the south.

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Ashley's Future Voice Fund Endowment

This endowed fund provides financial support to young people up to including the age of 25, who are accessing treatment and/or assessment services at ISTAR.