Gift Options


Annual Gifts

The Annual Giving program strives to provide friends of ISTAR with opportunities to support treatment programs, research and clinical operations.

Consider a monthly gift via credit card, post-dated cheque or electronic funds transfer. Whether you are considering renewing your annual gift or making your first gift to ISTAR, giving monthly is the easiest way to make an impactful gift over time.

Bequests & Wills

You can choose to leave some or all of your estate to ISTAR. This could include cash, investments, property, real estate or other assets of your estate. By indicating your wish to donate in your will, you can make a substantial future gift that will not affect your current lifestyle.

A bequest is often referred to as the "Ultimate Gift" because it is a gift of cash or property that an individual makes in their will, and usually takes one of the following two forms:

  • An unrestricted bequest allows ISTAR Edmonton to use your gift where it is felt to be needed most.
  • A restricted bequest is a gift with a specific purpose. Restricted gifts may be endowed in perpetuity or may be directed to serve a one time purpose.

Corporate Matching Program

Many companies encourage their employees to contribute to charities by offering a "matching gift" program. This means the company will donate funds to match your contribution to the same fund. This effectively increases the value of your gift, at no extra cost to you. Check with your employer or if you prefer, we would be happy to check into this possibility for you.

Endowed Fund

ISTAR's endowment fund is an excellent way of leaving your personal legacy. It is a meaningful vehicle for ensuring that the work of ISTAR remains financially secure and available to patients for generations to come.

How does an endowment fund operate? The principal is not touched - it remains intact in perpetuity. Only earnings on the fund are used for the support of ISTAR.

Some donors choose to contribute to the endowment fund now, contribute to it during their lifetime, and make a final donation to it through a Bequest in their Will. It is a beautiful way of ensuring your support of ISTAR continues forever!

In Memoriam and In Honour Giving

Memorial contributions are often a comforting way to pay tribute to the memory of a friend, associate, or loved one who has passed away. Making a contribution in honour of an individual is likewise an appropriate expression of appreciation.

Insurance Policies

Insurance policies enable you to make a significant, lasting gift to ISTAR, with a minimal outlay of current savings or income.

By making ISTAR the beneficiary of a policy, your estate will be issued a charitable gift receipt and the proceeds from life insurance policies may be directed to ISTAR.


Are you able to volunteer your time or donate equipment or other supplies that ISTAR clinicians could use? If so, you could donate a Gift-in-Kind.

Gifts-in-Kind are eligible for the same tax benefits and recognition as other gifts to ISTAR. However, the gift must undergo an assessment procedure. A tax receipt is then issued.

Friends Raising Funds

We greatly appreciate our partners in the community who wish to host fundraising events benefiting ISTAR. If you are having an event and would like to raise funds on behalf of ISTAR, please give us a call - we'd love to help you out!

United Way

Many offices, companies and places of business host workplace campaigns on behalf of the United Way. As a donor to United Way, you have the option of designating your gift to specific agencies, such as ISTAR. United Way retains 10% of the designated gift to recover the costs associated with this service however some employers will choose to cover the designation fee so that charities may receive the full amount donated. If you want some advice or help with designating your donation to ISTAR through the United Way, please call us. We'd love to help you make this happen!

Giving in Celebration

This is a unique and simple way to make your special day even more memorable for you and your guests. Celebrate by making a donation in lieu of birthday gifts, loot bags, graduation gifts, anniversary gifts, communion gifts, baptismal or christening gifts, wedding gifts, thank you gifts or shower gifts. The opportunities are limitless!