Dr. Torrey Loucks, Research Chair in Stuttering

Dr. Torrey Loucks is the Research Chair in Stuttering at ISTAR and the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Alberta. Dr. Loucks has a primary research interest in the areas of stuttering and what comprises fluent speech. He has been conducting research in these related areas for over 15 years.

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Jessica Harasym O’Byrne,

PhD Candidate Rehabilitation Science, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

Jessica’s research interests include acquired communication difficulties resulting from concussions and mild traumatic brain injury, evidence-based treatment for neurodevelopmental and acquired stuttering, video self-modeling as a relapse recovery strategy for people who stutter, virtual delivery of speech and language services, and stuttering treatment for individuals with complex communication and learning needs. Her PhD research focuses on gathering the experiences of those living with post-concussion communication difficulties.

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