Six Year Program Curriculum


  • 1 block trauma
  • 1 block emergency medicine
  • 1 block critical care medicine
  • 1 block CV anesthesia
  • 1 block selective
  • 2 blocks general surgery
  • 3 blocks cardiology
  • 3 blocks cardiac surgery


  • 3 blocks cardiology
  • 3 blocks critical care
  • 3 blocks cardiac surgery
  • 4 blocks vascular surgery and/or thoracic surgery

PGY 3-6

  • 6 blocks as a junior resident in adult cardiac surgery
  • 13 blocks in vascular surgery and thoracic surgery
  • 3-6 blocks as a senior resident in pediatric cardiac surgery
  • 13 blocks as a senior resident in adult cardiac surgery

Academic Enrichment Year

The academic enrichment year takes place for one year during PGY 3-6. Clinical or laboratory research or research in surgical education are emphasized and residents will have numerous opportunities to play an integral role in research projects throughout the duration of the program This year can be extended to two or more years for those pursuing an academic career.

Quick Facts

  • Some residents have chosen their academic enrichment year to work as residents at other centres (e.g. Mayo Clinic). Many of our residents have increased their academic year to 2 years or more to obtain a M.Sc. or Ph.D degree. Enrolment in the Clinician Investigator Program is highly encouraged.
  • The ratio of residents to faculty is 6 residents to 10 cardiac surgeons.
  • The average patient load per resident is 15-20 people.

We welcome and invite other students to do elective time within our facility and highly encourage active participation in all areas amongst the resident contingent. Get more information regarding the Canadian Resident Matching Service.