About Us

The Office of Global Surgery (OGS) strives to strengthen and empower health care systems in low-resource settings to deliver high-quality health care to marginalized populations around the world. We aim to achieve this goal by leveraging institutional partnerships to build systems-level improvements to our target communities. Our beneficiaries include patients, health care providers, hospitals, and academic institutions in both High-Income Countries (HICs) and Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs).


The vision of the Office of Global Surgery (OGS) is to become an international leader in the ethical conduct of clinical care, research, fostering international collaborations, and education in the field of global surgery.

Through global partnerships, OGS’s mission is to assist in health systems development to improve access to high-quality surgical care for marginalized populations around the world.

The mandate of the OGS is to uphold the highest moral integrity and ethical standards in its operation, engagement, research, and contribution towards developmental goals in the communities in which we work.