How to Apply

Once the prospective student has secured a graduate supervisor the student will be asked to complete the online application.

In addition to completing the application form, students will be required to submit supplemental documentation.

This supplemental documentation consists of:

  • Original transcripts from all Post Secondary Education (and official English translations if original is not in English)
  • Original degree certificates if the degree is not stated on the transcript(s) (and official English translation if original is not in English)
  • 3 letters of reference
  • An outline of their research project including:
    • a brief background of their area of study, the hypothesis and brief methodology
    • name of supervisor/co-supervisors and proposed supervisory committee
    • proposed coursework
    • source of funding for stipend and research project
    • timeline for completion of degree
    • for PhD students - the proposed timing of candidacy exam
    • proposed timing of final examination

Completed applications will be reviewed by an internal admissions committee with recommendations to the Director of Graduate Education. Successful applications will be submitted to FGSR for final admission approval.

Students are typically admitted to begin the Graduate Program in the Department of Surgery for either the fall (September) or winter (January) term.

For fall admission, application deadline is June 1.
For winter admission, application deadline is October 1.

International Students applying to our program should submit their application a minimum of 3 months in advance of the term deadline they wish to begin their program in. This time will allow for all necessary documentation to be processed prior to arrival in Canada.

Departmental deadlines are one month prior to FGSR deadlines to allow time for review by the internal admissions committee.