Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On


Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

Cohousing Projects in Austria from 1975-2015

A film by Michael Rieper and Lotte Schreiber

75 min, AT 2019

Based on six milestones of self-organized and self-managed housing projects in Austria, this 75-minute documentary explores a variety of topics related to cooperative planning processes from1968 to the present.

We can do more together! We visited the pioneers of the PKW (Project Cooperative Living) in Raaba near Graz, met the architects and residents who have lived in the Terrasenhaussiedlung (Terrace House Project) in Graz since the beginning, explored the Ökosiedlung Gärtnerhof (Eco-Village Gardener’s Farm), and the Siedlung Lebensraum (Cohousing Complex Habitat) in Gänserndorf in Lower Austria, talked to the people living in the Wohnprojekt Wien (Cohousing Project Vienna) about how the project was realized and developed, and asked the activists from the Willy*Fred project in Linz to tell us about how houses and apartment buildings can be bought and permanently taken off the real estate market.

Everyday life versus fieldwork. Through interviews with participants and residents of these individual housing projects, the film not only examines their social and economic demands, and sociopolitical significance, but also provides insight into the small and large daily conflicts, discussions and benefits that life in a collective involves. 

Thursday, March @ 12:00 pm MST

Screening and LIVE Zoom Q&A with Filmmaker Lotte Schreiber (recorded)


About the filmmakers

Lotte Schreiber is a Vienna based filmmaker and visual artist. She won the con-tempus Award 2019, the Diagonale Prize for Innovative Cinema 2015, the Best Short Film at Edinburgh Filmfestival 2013, and the Outstanding Artist Award 2011 of the Bundeskanzleramt.

Michael Rieper is a Vienna based architect, works in the fields of architecture, film, art & design, and teaches at TU Wien.