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What You Need to Know Before Applying

Admission Requirements

In order to gain admission to the University of Alberta, you will need to meet certain general requirements, as well as specific requirements for your program(s) of choice

Language Requirements

In order to be admitted to the University of Alberta you will need to meet certain language requirements.

Post-Secondary Transfer Applicant Guide

Applicants transferring from another institution must meet certain requirements in order to be admitted.

Transcripts and Documents

Transcripts and documents must be sent to the University of Alberta for your application to be evaluated

Dates and Deadlines

View the dates and deadlines for Fall 2020 admission

Admission Steps

  • 1. Explore Program Options, Admission Requirements, and Deadlines

    Explore the impressive list of our program options!

    Choose a Faculty and program appropriate for you.

    Check UAlberta’s English language proficiency requirements. If you are applying to Campus Saint-Jean, you will need to check the French language proficiency requirements

    Check to find out what the admission subject requirements are for your program.

    Find out the application and document deadlines.

    NOTE: Some programs can be entered directly from high school, while others require pre-professional study which can be completed at UAlberta. You can choose a maximum of two different programs, in the order of your preference.

  • 2. Submit Your Application Online

    Beginning on October 1, 2019, for high school applicants, and July 1, 2020, for post-secondary transfer applicants, you can fill out the online application for admission.

    First-year students will have the option to apply for residence through the application for admission. Those who apply by April 30 will be guaranteed on-campus housing.

    If you don’t apply for residence at the same time as admission, you may still submit an application later through Residence Services.

    Please note that this does not apply to applicants to Augustana Campus. Students who apply only to Augustana will continue to apply for residence through the Augustana Campus web site.


    Be sure to use your full legal name on the application form (as it appears in your passport).

    Include your personal email address on your application form (you will need to validate your email as part of the application process).

    You will be required to submit a CAD $125 application fee by credit card. If you are applying for residence at the same time, you will be required to submit an additional CAD $25 residence application fee.

    Make sure that you receive and save the electronic receipt to confirm that your application was submitted successfully.

    You may be required to submit some document(s) with your application.

    If you are unable to submit the application form online, a paper application form can be downloaded in pdf format.

  • 3. Wait to Receive Your UAlberta eMail, Computing ID, and ID Number

    If you apply online, you will receive important information from UAlberta by e-mail within 48 hours of submitting your application.

    You will receive:

    Your 7-digit ID number (include this with any correspondence with the university).

    Your Campus Computing ID (CCID) and password, which you will use to access the UAlberta Launchpad where you can track the status of your application for admission.

    Login information for your UAlberta webmail account. This is your personal e-mail account with the University. The University will be sending important notifications to you on this email account; it is the only place you will be able to receive communications from the University. You are required to activate this e-mail account as soon as possible and check it regularly.

  • 4. Submit any Remaining Documents for Admissions Consideration

    Starting in late Fall 2019, your application will be evaluated for Admission after we receive the necessary documents.

    High school students: Submit a school transcript that shows all of the high school courses you have already taken and grades you have already received, as well as courses still in progress. See document requirements and deadlines.

    Post-secondary transfer students: can also be considered for Admission to many programs. Submit transcripts for your entire academic record (high school and post-secondary). For the current year in progress, you must submit all the transcripts up to and including first semester results; second semester registration for the institution you are currently attending; final transcripts for any other institutions previously attended; and detailed course descriptions of each course.

    All applicants must also submit evidence of English language proficiency. If you are applying to Campus Saint-Jean, proof of French language proficiency is required.

  • 5. Accept Your Offer of Admission
    If you receive an admission offer, you will need to accept the offer by the deadline stated in your offer letter.  You can accept your offer of admission in your UAlberta Launchpad account. At this time you will also be required to provide a non-refundable CAD $1,000 tuition deposit, which will be credited towards your final tuition amount.
  • 6. Explore Scholarship Opportunities
    UAlberta rewards excellent achievement by offering undergraduate scholarships to top students. You may be eligible for scholarships based on your overall academic achievement, as well as your leadership skills and extra-curricular activities.
  • 7. Apply for Your Study Permit
    In order to study in Canada, you will need a study permit. Application processing time can take three months or more. We encourage you to apply for your study permit well in advance of your program start date. You can use your letter of Admission to start your study permit application. For complete information on immigration and application requirements, consult the Government of Canada website at
  • 8. Send Your Official and Complete Documents by the Deadline

    To retain your admission offer, ensure all required documents are submitted by the deadline and meet the conditions specified in your offer.

    Documents must be sent to UAlberta’s Registrar’s Office directly from the authorized issuing institution by the posted deadlines.

    Remember to include your UAlberta 7-digit ID number with all official documents.

    Send your documents to:

    University of Alberta
    Office of the Registrar
    201 Administration Building
    Edmonton, AB, Canada
    T6G 2M7

    The typical documents you will be required to provide are:

    Proof of English language proficiency (eg. TOEFL, IELTS, etc).

    High school grades and transcripts, certificates, and/ or diplomas.

    Transcripts from any post-secondary institutions you have attended.

    Detailed course descriptions for each post-secondary course completed outside of Canada.

    Official English translation of all documentation not issued originally in English or French.

    If you are applying to Campus Saint-Jean, proof of French language proficiency is required.