After You Apply

Students smiling and cheering
Thanks for applying to the University of Alberta! Now that you've submitted your application, there are still some important steps for you to take in the admission process.

Submit updates

If you're a high school student, you can submit updated courses and marks as they become available.

Check email and Bear Tracks

Once you submit your application, you will be assigned a student ID number and a Campus Computing ID (CCID), in two separate emails. You should receive these emails within two to three days of submitting your application.

Student number: Note that this is different than your application number.

CCID: Your CCID will grant you access to your UAlberta email account, and to Bear Tracks.

UAlberta email: After you've applied, your UAlberta email address is the one we will use to correspond with you. You will be notified via email any time there is an update to your admission status. Some key emails may be sent to both your UAlberta and personal accounts.

Bear Tracks: Bear Tracks is our online student service system. Log in to Bear Tracks to check your admission status and To-Do List, register in courses, and more.

Important emails: Throughout the application process,watch for the following emails in your inbox:

Email Subject
Application validation
"Next steps for completing your application"
CCID and password
"Your UAlberta Campus Computing ID"
Student ID number
"Application confirmation and student ID"
Application status update
"Update to your application status"
Admission decision update       
"Notice of Admission Decision"

Submit outstanding documents

Check your To-Do List in Bear Tracks to see what outstanding documents and other items are still required, and ensure they are submitted by the deadline indicated.

ApplyAlberta applicants: Your final Alberta high school transcripts will be sent on your behalf when you apply through ApplyAlberta.

Out-of-province students: Your transcripts may not be transferred automatically. Please ensure they are sent to and received by the University of Alberta.

International students: Apply for a study permit

If you are an international student currently studying in Canada, you must obtain a new study permit for post-secondary studies, even if you already have a high school study permit.

For more information on process and timing, including when to apply and when to expect to receive an offer, see Evaluation Process.

Change program priorities

In some cases, you can request to change which program(s) you've applied to, or which order you'd like them to be evaluated in. You can do so by completing and submitting this form. Please see the instructions on the form for more details.

Check application and admission status

Check Bear Tracks to see your Application Status and your Admission Status, which will be indicated as one of the statuses below. Click to read the definition of each term:

Application Status  
Admission Status
Pending Review Pending
Requires Action Admitted
Complete Ineligible
  Quota Filled

Notification of admission decision

Once an admission decision has been reached, your Application Status in Bear Tracks will be updated and an Official Correspondence will be posted, also in Bear Tracks. You will also receive an email notification. See also: Evaluation Process

Accept your offer

Once you receive an admission offer, you will need to accept your offer by the deadline stated in Bear Tracks in order to secure your place and become eligible to register in courses.

If you applied for residence, you must also accept your residence offer in Bear Tracks to secure your space. After you’ve accepted, you will receive a link to your residence contract, along with information about your residence and life on campus.

Register in courses

Once you have accepted your admission offer and paid the tuition deposit, you will be eligible to register in courses. In the meantime, you can build a draft schedule.