1 in 5 Albertans work at an alumni-founded organization
From Prime Ministers to Poets

The call to Do Great Things goes back to the founding of our university.

In 1905, Henry Marshall Tory, the first University of Alberta President, had just visited the new province of Alberta. He wrote back to his wife, “There is wine in the air, a feeling of excitement; of expectancy.”

He made a bold prediction: Great things are bound to happen.

Since then, the UAlberta alumni community has grown to more than 290,000 strong, making a difference around the world.

UAlberta alumni Do Great Things on a massive scale.

In 2013, university researchers set out to understand the tremendous impact that alumni have on their communities and the world.

They found:

  • 70,258 alumni-founded organizations globally
  • 1.5 million jobs created
  • 1 in 5 Albertans employed by an alumni-founded company
  • $348.5 billion in annual revenue from alumni-founded organizations


We recognize when others Do Great Things.

We're proud of what UAlberta alumni have achieved, from national and international prominence, to the everyday acts of leadership that we bring to our communities.

When you see other alumni doing great things, be sure to commend them, whether it be with a nomination for an Alumni Award or a callout on social media.


The call to Do Great Things reminds us that we can make a difference right here, right now.

Volunteerism is a part of who we are. The University of Alberta Alumni Association was established by volunteers in 1915 and continues to encourage volunteerism ever since. In fact, 77 per cent of alumni have volunteered locally.

From campus to communities around the globe, alumni do great things through acts of everyday kindness — thousands every year.


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