Alumni to Alumni Career Mentoring


We are now doing continuous intake for mentees.  If we have a match for you, you will hear in the next six weeks.

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Contact us at if you want to become a mentor and connect with alumni!

The Alumni to Alumni Career Mentoring Program connects alumni in the early stages of their career development (mentees) with alumni who are established in their careers (mentors) to develop the business and interpersonal skills that will help mentees navigate the workplace and advance their careers. Since most mentor/mentee meetings are done online, we can make mentorship matches across regions, but we will still try to match mentors and mentees who are in the same region, if we can.

The program allows alumni mentees to gain industry-specific insight into corporate culture, as well as transferable skills, like professionalism, confidence, active listening, and goal setting.

Mentors can expect to gain fresh insight into their workplace, develop their own leadership skills, contribute to the long-term growth of their industry, and benefit from high quality training and education provided to mentors by the University of Alberta Alumni Association.

The Alumni to Alumni Career Mentoring Program has continuous intake. Mentees can expect to hear back about whether they are matched 6 weeks after they apply.

Mentors will be recruited based on the needs of the mentees, but we are always looking for alumni who would like to share their experience and insight either through this program or others like it. 

Attributes of a good Mentee:

  • Knows the skills, attributes, and insights they wish to learn or develop
  • Is a self-directed learner and takes initiative
  • Solicits and accepts constructive feedback
  • Has realistic expectations about possible outcomes of the Mentoring Program

Expectations of Mentees:

Must be proactive and self-directed. It is the responsibility of the Mentees to set up meetings with their Mentors (recommended six meetings in eight months), be prepared, ask questions, follow up, and be courteous. Training will be provided in advance of mentor introduction, there will be online meetups with professional development topics throughout the year. Mentees are expected to provide feedback on the program and report the number of hours they spend with their mentor.