Class Organizers Information

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Class Organizers are volunteers who make U of A Days a success by encouraging their classmates to join in the fun! If you are interested in becoming a class organizer, or if you have more information for us to add to the list of reunion classes, please contact our office at

What is a Class Organizer?

Class Organizers are volunteers who make U of A Days a success by encouraging their classmates to join in the fun! Class Organizers:

  • Are the contact person for their class
  • Encourage classmates to attend U of A Days
  • Are liaisons with the Office of Alumni Relations and/or their Faculty
  • Help make decisions about how their class will be involved
What do I do as a Class Organizer?

The role of Class Organizer can take very little time and effort — unless you choose otherwise. We ask that Class Organizers do at least the following:

  • Attend at least one function during U of A Days
  • Write up to three letters that we will then mail to your classmates
  • Let us know of any address changes for your classmates
  • Encourage your classmates to come celebrate
What support is available to help with planning my reunion?

The Office of Alumni Relations will provide Class Organizers with information, ideas, and support. To help make your reunion a success, Alumni Relations will:

  • Hold information session on planning your reunion
  • Provide you with three letter templates of invitation to write to your classmates
  • Copy and mail out up to three letters to inform your classmates of reunion activities
  • Provide you with updated class lists
  • Coordinate U of A Days registration and distribute registration packages
  • Organize campus wide events
  • Work with faculties to coordinate events
  • Advertise and promote U of A Days
  • Arrange for your group to sit together at Alumni Relations organized events (e.g College of Health Sciences Brunch)
  • Provide advice on class projects (e.g. In Memoriam lists, Class Gifts)
  • Invite-only access to digital Memory Book (Brightcrowd)
What else can I do in my role as Class Organizer?
  • Recruit a class historian to collect anecdotes and put together a biography book (start early and beware the cost!)
  • Private get-togethers, such as a lunch, pub night, golf tourney or BBQ
  • Create a class website or Facebook page where classmates can share memories and photos
  • Use your reunion as an opportunity to coordinate a class gift to leave a legacy from your class (e.g. donation to support student scholarships)
  • Inviting former professors to join the reunion
  • Recruit another classmate (or several!) to be an Class Organizer with you
  • Gather a group of classmates to participate in a letter writing or phoning campaign
  • Create custom letters that are unique for your classmates
  • Encourage classmates to update their contact information with our record department at 780-492-3471, 1-866-492-7516, or
What if I plan my reunion outside of U of A Days?


A Class Reunion need not be held during U of A Days. If you are interested in planning a reunion for another time of the year, Alumni Relations can assist you in your planning. We will provide you with the same services we provide to those planning their reunion during U of A Days.