For Faculty & Staff

This section is for the faculty and staff of the Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. It has been created as a repository to facilitate departmental communications and awareness.

Grand Rounds

Rounds attendance and evaluations are recorded electronically. Evaluations and reports are self managed, and must be submitted in order for your attendance to be recorded. Click on the rounds presentation in the calendar below to access the evaluation link. Attendance Records can be accessed and printed directly through your account.

Evaluations must be submitted within one month from the day the lecture was presented. Timely evaluations will result in a more valid evaluation process and increased consolidation of learning.

Record Rounds Attendance

The Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine has created its own unlisted YouTube Channel. The purpose of the channel is to later watch rounds you may have missed or for reference. The intended audience of the channel is no different than the live rounds.To access them, please use the link previously sent out in an APM rounds notice to Department members or you can submit a request for a link to a particular video by contacting: