Clinical Faculty Promotions

If you're an anesthesiologist in the Edmonton Zone, you're more than likely to have a parallel Clinical Faculty appointment at the University of Alberta (if you're not sure, email and ask).

Clinical Faculty vastly outnumber tenured Academics, and do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to the teaching of medical students, residents and fellows. Our training programs simply would not work without you, and we're grateful for your efforts. Almost everything you know and every skill you have was probably passed down to you from a Clinical Faculty teacher, and by doing this valuable work, you're honoring the same tradition. Clinical Faculty members are represented at the Faculty by an extremely energetic Assistant Dean, Dr Jonathan Choy from cardiology. Dr Mark Simmonds from UAH represents Clinical Anesthesiology Faculty (i.e. you) on that committee. 

(Here are some valuable benefits that as Clinical Faculty, you are encouraged to make use of).

Another way in which the Faculty can recognize your contribution is by promoting you to Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Associate Professor or Clinical Professor. Although this comes without pecuniary reward, these titles, which you may use freely in your professional correspondence, tell the outside world that you have made and continue to make a contribution to the advancement of your profession that is recognized by your peers.

Promotion is by application. A small committee (Drs Colin Noble from RAH and Dorothy Hardy from MHE, with me as Chair) considers application packages in February every year. We have many years of experience of this process. For most of you, applications will be judged on the documented quality and quantity of your teaching. While the committee has some discretion in interpreting these criteria, it has operationalized the definition of good performance in teaching for Clinical Anesthetists as follows:

At least 10 individual evaluations of clinical O.R. teaching performance in total, at least one for each year of activity under consideration, with mean ratings of 4.0/5.0 or better. PLUS at least one lecture or other classroom teaching event with mean ratings of 4.0/5.0 or better (per application, not per year).

Applications should consist of a letter stating your case, an updated CV and whatever other supporting documentation you think is important. If you're applying on the basis of something other than teaching evaluations that we hold on file, include the data (we obtain U of A residency and medical student teaching evaluations directly). If you're applying on the strength of non-traditional contributions (administration, advocacy etc.), give us as much information and supporting information as you can. There is no limit to how often you can apply, and an unsuccessful application would not count against any future attempt.

Ordinarily, you'd consider applying for promotion to Assistant Clinical Professor no earlier than 3 years after starting work in the Zone, Associate Clinical Professor no earlier than 5 years after that, and Clinical Professor no earlier than 5 years after that.

We look forward to receiving your application. If you'd like to discuss a potential application informally before putting pen to paper, please feel free to contact me.

Saifee Rashiq 
Chair, Clinical Faculty Promotions Committee 

780.407.8896 (direct)