Benefits and Resources

In recognition of their dedication to the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, clinical academic colleagues enjoy a variety of benefits and services from the University of Alberta.


The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry emphasizes the growth of all educators, including clinical faculty. In response, resources have been gathered and created to encourage the professional development of all clinical faculty members.

These resources address some of the perceived areas of growth and development that may be of interest to clinical faculty.


Recognition through promotions

The FoMD is proud to recognize the accomplishments of our Clinical Faculty through academic promotions. While each Clinical Department maintains its own promotions committee, the criteria for appointments and promotions are uniform. The criteria are merit-based achievements in the four pillars of Teaching Excellence, Clinical Innovations, Research, and Administrative Leadership. With each higher rank the criteria become more stringent, but regardless of rank, each promotion is celebrated with a letter from the Dean accompanied by an official framed certificate suitable for display in your office.

Further information on criteria and requirements, as well as a template to file your annual report in your department can be found under Criteria for Appointments and Promotions for Clinical Faculty.

Campus Computing ID (CCID)

Faculty and staff members automatically receive a CCID when they join the University of Alberta. Information on how to obtain or reclaim a CCID can be found through the Information Services &Technology site. A CCID is required to access all of the benefits offered to you as a clinical faculty member.


The ONEcard is the multi-functional UAlberta identification card which is provided, with variable access and benefits, to all students, staff and faculty. In addition to accessing hard copies of books and journals at UAlberta libraries, the OneCard provides many benefits and functions. The ONEcard office is located at 9104, HUB Mall.

UWS WiFi Access

Using your CCID you can access University Wireless Service (UWS) WiFi anywhere on campus including all the teaching hospitals and LRT stations in Edmonton. You may also use your email address to log onto WiFi at other educational institutions that participate in the Eduroam program.

Email & Google Suite

Your UAlberta email account is where all official University electronic communication is sent. As this service is provided on the Google email framework, logging in to your email provides you with the full suite of Google services such as Google Calendar and Google Drive. Clinical Faculty members have free unlimited cloud storage on Google Drive.

Important note: while it is possible to forward your email, for privacy and security reasons, it should only be forwarded to an Alberta Health Services email address.

Library Access

Your CCID provides you with access to thousands of online journals not only in healthcare, but any subject imaginable. These journals might require hundreds of dollars in individual subscription fees, but are provided at no charge to all Clinical Faculty. Simply log on at the UAlberta Libraries site using your CCID and password. Hard copy books may also be borrowed from UAlberta libraries using your OneCard.

Athletic Facilities

Clinical Faculty members have access to the Van Vliet Centre on North Campus at discounted rates.

Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to connect to University resources securely while travelling or away from campus.

Discounted Software

A whole host of software including Microsoft Office Suite and the latest version of Windows can be obtained at deeply-discounted prices through On The Hub.

Professional Webpages

Interested in providing more information about your professional background or clinical interests? Log on to the Faculty Administration Resource Manager (FARM) where you can update your own professional page by providing information in the relevant sections. Click here for detailed instructions for updating your professional page content.

Teaching Stipends

A small teaching stipend may be available through individual departments or through the PGME office. This stipend is not administered through the Office of Faculty Affairs, and Clinical Faculty members are advised to check with their Clinical Department Chairs for more information on eligibility. In most cases, in order to be eligible for a teaching stipend, an annual report will need to be completed.

Faculty Development

Resources for Faculty Development and Life-long Learning.


Do you have a family member, good friend or student mentee graduating this year? Any Clinical Faculty member can be present on stage during convocation as a member of the University Procession. Send a request in advance and convocation organizers will prepare an academic gown with hood for you to wear for the ceremony.

Hotel Discounts

The University has negotiated special CAUBO discount rates with Fairmont Hotels in major Canadian cities. Take advantage of these discounts when travelling for a conference or for pleasure. These rates often beat the conference rates and are available year-round. Be prepared to show your OneCard upon request.

Apple Store Discounts

Your UAlberta email provides you with academic pricing for some Apple products. Simply have your CCID ready when ordering online at the Apple for Higher Education site, or provide it in person at a retail store when making a purchase.

Faculty Club

Clinical faculty members are eligible for memberships to the Faculty Club. All members are subject to membership fees and dues.