New Volume on Apachean Origins

Astonishing preservation of hundreds of moccasins in Utah's Promontory Caves and related sites.

Jack Ives - 17 January 2023

The University of Utah Press has published a volume edited by Emeritus Professor Jack Ives and co-researcher, Emeritus Professor Joel Janetski (Brigham Young), Holes in Our Moccasins, Holes in Our Stories. The 16 chapters in the volume assess the evidence for the passage of Navajo and Apache ancestors southward from Canadian Dene homelands in archaeological records from Utah’s remarkable Promontory Caves, Franktown Cave in Colorado, Idaho and various Dismal River archaeological sites. Authors include Emerita Professor Sally Rice (Linguistics), former linguistics graduate students Dr. Conor Snoek (University of Lethbridge) and Michael Stang, and former and current PhD and MA students from our department, including Dr. Gabriel Yanicki (Canadian Museum of History), Dr. Michael Billinger (Michael Billinger Consulting Services), Dr. Vandy Bowyer (Athabasca University), Andrew Lints, Katherine Latham, Libby Goldberg, Jennifer Hallson, Courtney Lakevold, and Erika Sutherland, as well as several other collaborating Canadian and American researchers. Former PhD student Dr. Tatiana Nomokonova (University of Saskatchewan) is currently analyzing the extensive faunal collections from Promontory Cave 1 for a Promontory Cave monograph that Ives, Janetski and collaborating researchers are preparing.

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