Certificate in Archaeology

Learn new skills and build your resume

The Certificate in Archaeology is a multidisciplinary undergraduate certificate offered jointly through the Department of History, Classics, and Religion and the Department of Anthropology. 

Learn inside and outside the classroom.

The certificate offers a structured, yet flexible program, that provides a solid grounding in classical and global archaeology. The balanced and focused ★27 curriculum introduces all major aspects of archaeology through lecture courses, seminars, hands-on lab courses and an onsite, ★6 field school in Alberta or Greece.

Gain skills that are relevant to your career.

The Certificate in Archaeology gives a head start to anyone planing to pursue:

  • Graduate studies in a related field (e.g. anthropology, archaeology, classics, history, heritage management, museum studies, and more)
  • A career in education (social studies, art, etc.)
  • A career in government (museum and heritage management, urban and regional planning, etc.)
  • A career in the private sector (archaeological consultancy, travel and tourism, journalism, publishing, etc.)
  • A career in law (e.g. international cultural heritage law) and more!

Learn more about the vibrant and engaging field of Archaeology.

Archaeology at the University of Alberta is recognized internationally for its excellence. It is regularly ranked among the top five fields of study at the university as a whole, and is usually the highest ranked field within the Faculty of Arts.

But the best reason to take the program is simply this: Archaeology is fascinating.


The Certificate in Archaeology program has the following requirements (27 in total).

All students must take 12 in required courses:

  • 3 ANTHR 206 (Introduction to Archaeology)
  • 3 CLASS 220 (Introduction to the Methods and Theory of Classical Archaeology)
  • 6 ANTHR 396 or 6 CLASS 475/476 (archaeological field schools)

NOTE: Field schools are offered in the Spring and/or Summer term only, and will be announced in the Fall. You may apply to transfer credit from a field school offered by a different academic institution in Canada or abroad. It is essential that you discuss the possibilities for credit transfer with the appropriate undergraduate program director (Anthropology or Classics) BEFORE you enrol in a non-UofA field school. Credit transfer applications for completed field schools will not be accepted.

All students must take at least 15 in approved courses at the senior level (200 level and higher)

  • At least 9 at the 300 level or higher of which at least 3 at the 400 level (cannot be met with a field school)
  • No more than ★ 6 in osteology courses.
  • No more than ★ 3 in EAS
  • At least one of the courses taken at the 300-level must be in ANTHR and at least one must be in CLASS

NB: The requirements will change for those registering for the certificate from September 2025 onward. These changes will be posted in Fall 2024.


Certificate programs are designed to be completed in conjunction with regular undergraduate degree programs; you earn the certificate while completing your undergraduate degree in any faculty. Certificates give students the opportunity to enhance their undergraduate program and explore special area of interest. 

Students who decide to pursue a Certificate in Archaeology should register their intent with this form and meet with an undergraduate student advisor as soon as possible as careful planning is necessary. Bear in mind that certificates are embedded in your Bachelor’s degree and cannot be awarded separately.

Want to Learn more?

If you have any questions, please contact the Coordinator for the Certificate in Archaeology, Margriet Haagsma, margriet.haagsma@ualberta.ca.