Contract Instructors, Adjuncts, Post-Doctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars

Contract Instructors 2023-2024

Name Teaching and Research Area
Emad Afkham History 
Jane Allred History and Religious Studies 
Kristen Burton History
Myles Chykerda Classics 
Tristan Ellenberger Classics 
Melody Everest Religious Studies 
Brian Gold History 
Amanda Hardman Classics 
Shu-chen Hsu Hsiung History
Kelsey Koon Classics
Steven Langlois History
Lea Lavy Religious Studies 
Lech Lebiedowski History 
Kendall Marchman Religious Studies 
Edward Middleton Classics 
Krystl Raven History 
Autumn Reinhardt Simpson Religious Studies 
Ken Ristau Religious Studies 
Konstantin Tebenev History 
Salima Versi Religious Studies
Robert Vranich History 
James White History 
Allan Wright Religious Studies 

Adjunct Academic Colleagues

Name Teaching and Research Area
William Arnal University of Regina, Religious Studies
Tolly Bradford Concordia University of Edmonton, Canadian history
Joann Freed Classical Archaeology
Carolyn Lieffers The King's University, US history
Carla Peck Faculty of Education, History and Social Studies Education
Allan Rowe Goverment of Alberta, Canadian history and Public history
Micah True Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, Jesuits in New France
Natalie Van Deusen  Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, Religion and Nordic societies


Post-Doctoral Fellows

Name Teaching and Research Area
Lisa Brooks South Asian Medical traditions


Visiting Scholars and Professors

Name Teaching and Research Area
Valentyna Kharkhun Ukrainian history
Taras Lupul Ukrainian history
Annemarie Steidl  Austrian Visiting Professor, in Austrian and European History
Ádám Takács Hungarian Visiting Professor, in Hungarian and European History