Faculty Research


Area of Study

Sarah Carter Western Canadian History
Heather Coleman Russia/Eastern Europe/USSR
Indre Cuplinskas Modern Christianity; Canada and Europe; youth
Neil Dalal Indian Philosophy and Sanskrit Textual Studies
Ryan Dunch East Asia/Modern China
Crystal Fraser Indian Residential Schools & Indigenous Perspectives, Northern Canada
Jairan Gahan
Women and gender History, Modern Islam/Middle East and North Africa, Modern Iran
Sean Gouglas Canada
Margriet Haagsma Classics Art/Archaeology
John Harris Classical Language & Literature
Jaymie Heilman Latin American & Caribbean History, 20th-century Peru, History of Illicit Drugs
Jocelyn Hendrickson Islamic Studies, Islamic Law, Medieval North Africa/Iberia
Steven Hijmans Classics Art/Archaeology
Jennifer Jay East Asia
Adam Kemezis Roman History, Ancient Historiography, Greek & Latin Literature of Imperial Rome
John Kitchen Medieval/Early Modern & Western Europe
Volodymyr Kravchenko  Ukraine
Beverly Lemire British/Comparative
Kelly MacFarlane  Greek and Latin literature, in particular later Greek epic poetry; history of ancient medicine
Christopher Mackay  Classical Language/History
David Marples Russia/Eastern Europe/USSR
Ann McDougall North/West Africa; Sahara; Islam and Slavery; colonial/contemporary
Kenneth Mouré  France/Modern Europe
James Muir Pre-confederation Canadian history/history of law/the Atlantic region/labour
Rebecca Nagel  Latin Literature & Classical Tradition
Sarah Nickel Canadian Indigenous histories, Indigenous politics, Indigenous feminisms & gender, and community-engaged research
Joseph Patrouch  Early modern European history, Holy Roman Empire, Habsburg Dynasty
Liza Piper  Environmental History, History of Disease, Canada, Mountain Studies, Circumpolar
Frances Pownall  Greek historiography (Archaic through Hellenistic); Greek history (Classical and Hellenistic); Ancient Macedonia; Ancient Sicily, Greek West
David Quinter Buddhism; East Asian religions; premodern Japan; devotional cults; lived religion.
Sharon Romeo US History
Jeremy Rossiter  Classics Art/Archaeology
Peter Sabo Jewish Studies; Hebrew Bible Studies
Jane Samson Pacific World
Robert Smith Science/Technology, US
Selina Stewart  Greek and Latin poetry (epic & lyric; Archaic, Hellenistic & Augustan); ancient science & poetics; historical linguistics; history of decipherment
Shannon Stunden Bower Environmental History, Canadian History, History of the Prairie West
Dennis Sweeney Modern Germany/Modern Europe
Frank Sysyn  Ukraine
Dagmar Wujastyk Ancient and medieval India, History of South Asian medicine, alchemy, and yoga
Dominik Wujastyk  Ancient India
Lorne Zelyck Early Christianity