Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate program in the Department of Anthropology aims to provide students with a basic foundation in the discipline within the context of a liberal arts program. We offer two degrees - a BA and a BA (Honors).

Information about Anthropology degree programs, along with University admission and registration information can be found in the University of Alberta Calendar. Please refer to the Office of the Registrar website for more information on admission and registration.

Our basic principle is that in the undergraduate years, a student should gain a broad grounding in general anthropology and a background in other fields and disciplines as appropriate.

The specific areas mentioned below are suggestions only, but will give a general idea of the kinds of courses that we recommend be included in an undergraduate program. Further details can be obtained from the Undergraduate Advisor.

Students with a major interest in biological anthropology are advised to take some related courses in the biological sciences, statistics, and criminology (the latter is offered in the Sociology Department).

Students with a major interest in archaeology should take related courses in earth and atmospheric sciences, soil science, biology and chemistry.

Students with a major interest in cultural anthropology are advised to take some related courses in sociology, political science, economics, philosophy, history, cultural geography and psychology, or in humanities disciplines, depending on their special interests.

Students with a major interest in linguistic anthropology should take some related courses in linguistics, as well as courses in other social sciences and humanities that may be relevant to their interests.

Students contemplating a specialization in a particular geographical region should include courses in the history, geography, political science and language of that region.

Program Considerations

Students in either the BA (AR510) or the BA Honors (AR530) degree program should consult the Associate Chair (Undergraduate) prior to registration to construct programs that meet individual needs and interests and which are within the current regulations.

Each student, not the Department, is responsible for ensuring that all Faculty of Arts requirements have been met.

Student Resources

From career advising to academic support, the Faculty of Arts Student Services staff are an excellent point-of-contact for undergraduate students needing assistance or guidance. If you would like to speak with a Faculty of Arts Advisor, please feel free to contact the Undergraduate Student Services (USS) Office at 780-492.4295 or via email arts.undergrad@ualberta.ca. Or, if you're on campus, an Advisor would be happy to speak with you in person (1-17 Humanities Centre).

The University of Alberta Anthropology Undergrads (UAAU) is an active resource for undergrad students.

The Department has extensive collections and other resources for research and learning.

Arts Work Experience Program

Explore opportunities for career related, paid work experience before graduation.